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  2. We have received word that UMe is aware of the problem with the Carpenters vinyl releases, both the box sets and the individual LPs, and has offered a solution. To receive a replacement, send a proof of purchase to [email protected]. UMe prefers email, but those who prefer phone contact may call 1-800-288-5942 to speak to Customer Support.

News Carpenters: "The Vinyl Collection"

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Simon KC1950, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Don't hang back too long my friend. I already plan on 2 sets.
  2. Considering this box set according to this thread is just over a month away from hitting the stores there seems to be very little evidence of what is on it , what it looks like etc etc ( in fact zero evidence apart from a ? Date that hasn’t been officially stated ) The Carpenters Collected vinyl was publicised a over a month ago and still it’s a fortnight away from being released. I don’t understand why whoever is releasing it hasn’t Provided a few tasty teasers for those wishing to take the plunge and spend their £ notes or $ bills?.
    I buy records from Universal music all the time and Pre Orders always show on their site three months , sometimes more before they come out?. I personally think this is still being thought through by whoever is designing it, I hope they don’t rush it out hoping to get a Christmas sales boost?, I would personally be prepared to wait for them to get it spot on master it properly and do the contents with the skill and care they deserve. My thought but I’m sure some may feel the same?.
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  3. To add to the above with so many records being reissued, pressing plants have long waiting lists on using their facilities and this may well be reason for delay, at what is undoubtedly the most busy time of the year with everyone wishing to get the important Christmas market. There are only a handful of pressing plants In operation Worldwide and a set such as this would have had to have been scheduled and pressing time allocated well in advance.
    I hope it does come out next month but equally so I hope I’m not buying an ill thought out box with little extra content such as hardback book, gatefold original covers replicated to the original designs etc etc, something tells me this may well be the case but I hope I’m wrong entirely. The covers of a lot of these albums are quite unique and would take a lot of thought to be copied and packaged the same ie, AKOH etc , etc.
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2017
  4. Nick

    Nick Member

    I was thinking the same. I am also concerned that this is only 12 albums. I'd want all the studio albums from Ticket to Ride to Lovelines with both Christmas albums. That comes to 13. I am excited but apprehensive at the same time. This needs to be quality as well as quantity for many fans to fork out more money where we probably all have several versions and formats of these already. Waiting (not so) patiently.
  5. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    My friend, a former Tower Records Mgr. passed this to me. Now he works for a specialty record shop. I've ordered everything from the 1st release of The Singles 69-73 in 85? to multi sets of Remastered Classics . All this to say what he received was called a solicitation. The breaking whisper among dealers. Little doubt this is happening as reported. However, as we all know release dates are subject to change.
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  6. theninjarabbit

    theninjarabbit Well-Known Member

    I mean, has there been a release within the last few years that hasn't been delayed? It's like the Carpenter way. If it's all in the name of quality product, I'm all for it. :D
    I would be surprised if there were no delay. "Okay, what's wrong with it??" :biglaugh:
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  7. My sentiments entirely, to be honest, I’d rather they don’t put it out if it’s a half finished rushed job. Something like this just cannot be thrown together - a lot of The boxed sets I own could of been superb and are pale imitations of what they should have been. All the great sets take time to put together lets hope Richard has final say over this and if it isn’t spot on then it doesn’t come out . Fingers crossed as well.
    To be honest I was very surprised that there has been nothing In the grapevine regarding which record distribution are handling it , will be over the moon if it’s analogue productions but I’m sure it won’t be. I don’t know why but I’m thinking fatalistically on this in that all we will get is single sleeve albums, with no printed inners, in an outer slipcase with no hard back book or anything special but that’s the worst case scenario.
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  8. newvillefan

    newvillefan Well-Known Member

    I wonder why Richard is even thinking of putting this out now. Would have been far better to wait until the 50th anniversary in 2019.
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  9. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Rick-An Ordinary Fool Well-Known Member

    I would assume since we have not seen any release information thus far that a release on this box set would not be for this holiday season. I would bet this might see a release in early 2018. In any case I changed my order on the Carpenters Collected so I am set to get my limited edition white vinyl set for release later this month. This will hold me off on the entire box set for later release of which I'm sure I'll buy. I have the purple colored Lovelines on vinyl which sounds great so I won't be too disappointed if it doesn't show up on the box set. I think the jackpot would be if both solo albums were included with Karen's being the first time ever.

    Do we even know if this is being produced in Japan, US or UK? We really know very little.
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  10. From the reissues I've seen or purchased by other artists, the artwork is carefully reproduced, but not EXACTLY as the original album. Anyone with a good eye could differentiate between an original and a reproduction. My point is, other than a heavier gram vinyl, these types of reissues seem to be made to appeal more to new fans than diehard old (original or long time) fans; new fans that may or may not be as concerned with exact graphics replication or original mixes.
  11. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    I completely agree. Release it in early or springtime 2019. To truly coincide with the 50th anniversary. Make it special!
  12. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    I think you are making a good move with the "Carpenters Collected". It seems they are making a point of the high quality vinyl and packaging in the advertising. And the white vinyl looks like an added plus (so unique). Please keep us posted once it is delivered to you and how you like it. To me, it looks like it could be a better investment in a quality product than box set right now.
  13. Chris May

    Chris May Resident 'Carpenterologist' Moderator

    This set has been confirmed for release on the 17th of next month as Jeff stated, and the retail amount is $180 for The Vinyl Collection - total of (12) LPs.
  14. Chris May

    Chris May Resident 'Carpenterologist' Moderator

    To further clarify, it looks like the contents are as such:

    Ticket To Ride
    Close To You
    A Song For You
    Now & Then
    The Singles, 1969-1973
    A Kind Of Hush
    Made In America
    Voice Of The Heart
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  15. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    Chris May, any hint of vinyl grade? No mention of Voice of the Heart.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  16. Chris May

    Chris May Resident 'Carpenterologist' Moderator

    Wooops I listed that wrong. I believe the Christmas stuff is not included, however the singles comp from ‘73 is.
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  17. Jeff

    Jeff Well-Known Member

    I've been madly surfing for an hour. I've found Amazon pre-order. But is there somewhere I'm missing for additional info?
  18. Actorman

    Actorman Active Member

    I'm on the fence about this. It will depend on the overall packaging and any "value added" material. It's a bit expensive for something that I will never play and already own in multiple formats including the original vinyl.

    I'm excited that it's being released though.
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  19. Murray

    Murray Well-Known Member

    It's great for the younger fans who never owned these albums on vinyl, or for people who got rid of their original vinyl and later regretted it, or to replace their old worn out copies with fresh vinyl. I have the original LPs of all these albums, and my copies are pristine, so I'm not sure whether to buy this set or not. It depends on the packaging, whether there's a book included, and the quality of the vinyl and mastering. I think I'll wait until some of you get the set and play the disks, and then base my decision on your reviews.
  20. Toolman

    Toolman Simple Man, Simple Dream

    If their debut LP is listed as "Ticket to Ride," I suppose that likely means the jacket artwork will follow the "Ticket" reissue and not "Offering". I don't know. Would really like "Lovelines" on vinyl but have all the others in the original vinyl issues and especially don't need another copy of "MIA" or "Hush". I guess I'd have to echo Murray's response.
  21. newvillefan

    newvillefan Well-Known Member

    Not including Offering with its original jacket and artwork would be a major faux pas in my eyes. I really hope they haven't included the repackaged Ticket To Ride cover.
  22. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    Not to throw a wrench into the works,
    but, if Richard Carpenter had to sue Universal for royalties,
    Why on Earth would I ever give another dime to a Universal Music product ?
    And, yikes, if the original Offering layout is not utilized for the new vinyl set,
    what else is being sacrificed ?
    But, I wish only the best......
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  23. On the one hand it is great to actually read that this is due for imminent release, but on the other hand the price does seem to be on the low side for so many albums?. I hope they don’t replicate the ticket to ride cover but it seems that is going to be the case, which I personally feel is a massive missed opportunity if it is indeed true. I am a bit (well a lot actually) disappointing with this, Including the greatest hits album for me seems pointless when the other Christmas albums don’t even get a look in?. My opinion obviously but I feel they should have released Ticket To Ride as Offering as that is what it was originally. And in any box set I feel you should put out the material as it was originally intended to be seen. Obviously this is based on not actually having the information to hand - hope I’m wrong as I’d like to see offering included as I haven’t got that cover!.

    I’ll be buying it anyway.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017

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