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Early Brasil '66 Video Wanted

Discussion in 'Look Around: Sergio Mendes/Brazilian Music Forum' started by Steve Sidoruk, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. Steve Sidoruk

    Steve Sidoruk Founder, A&M Fan Net Moderator Thread Starter

    I was just contacted by my friend, Barry Korkin, formerly A&M guy, now at Universal. UME is assisting in the making of Sergio's bio-pic. Apparently, they can't find A&M early Brasil '66 promo films in the vaults and are searching for Fan/Collectors who might have this stuff in as close to mint quality as possible. This is faster than ASAP need. Contact me via messaging here at A&M Corner or my A&M Fan Net e-mail below. THANKS!

    Concord Music Group has a film production team working on an extensive documentary on Sergio, and UMe are collaborating with them. I met with members of that team on Wed. A few of the stumpers are in the area of videos from that early A&M period that we can’t locate in our vaults. Being that you and your network of fans are also collectors of sort, I offer this link to a specific video with the hopes that you might be able to point out someone in that circle who may have a viable source for it and possibly other early video pieces done for the act in rather “master” condition.

  2. The best I have would be from that Hollywood Palace show, but that's pretty common, right?
  3. Steve Sidoruk

    Steve Sidoruk Founder, A&M Fan Net Moderator Thread Starter

    It appears they want near master quality. I'm in the process of checking, but don't think I have any of their early promos to offer.
  4. JMK

    JMK Well-Known Member Contributor

    My in-laws in L.A. used to live next door to someone who had something to do with the old Danny Kaye show, and he had a ton of 3/4" masters (or whatever the format was) including the B66 performances IIRC. I think they just lip synched, but would something like that be of any interest? (I'm not sure the guy lives there anymore--interestingly, my brother-in-law's house is basically right across Ventura Blvd. from Sergio's old place that had the Harrison Ford built studio.)
  5. Steve Sidoruk

    Steve Sidoruk Founder, A&M Fan Net Moderator Thread Starter

    The emphasis seems to be early A&M promo films and close to master quality, as I read it. I have things in my collection too, but don't think meets their criteria.
  6. If a video of master quality can't be located, the YouTube video with the original Brasil 66 performing Mas Que Nada in a "tropical forest" with two dancers is as good as it gets. This video was from a 1967 movie. For still the pictures, the Bing photo of Brasil 66 in a recording studio for the Equinox album is very appropriate. It was used in the BBC Herb Alpert documentary.
  7. A correction--it was Getty images for the recording studio still pictures from the Equinox album.
  8. This photo?


    I posted this one when I lifted it as a screen capture from the BBC4 doc. Getty Images might have the original.
  9. Yes, that's the Getty photo I was thinking of. It's pretty nifty.
  10. JMK

    JMK Well-Known Member Contributor

    There's a whole series of those on Getty, in color.
  11. TulitaPepsi

    TulitaPepsi Member

    Ij: What 1967 movie was that "jungle" video in? I always thought it was some kind of promotional video. It is similar to a Scopiotone, but done with a lack of cheesiness and a considerable amount of flair. The sexy black dancers add a vibe that must have been a bit daring for its time.
  12. In a past A&M post in this Brazilian Music Forum a long time ago I recall someone writing that this jungle scene video was in a '67 movie, but they never indicated the name of the movie. I sure wish that could be ascertained.
  13. geo

    geo New Member

  14. geo

    geo New Member

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    geo New Member

  16. geo

    geo New Member

  17. cwicher

    cwicher New Member

    I have a promo copy of this. It is Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"(both sides), A&M Records #1073 (1969).[45 rpm DJ / Promo single] It is 1741-17 Most likely never played. The jacket is aged with a very small (less than an 1/8 of inch tear at the sleeve opening). The vinyl is in mint condition.
  18. geo

    geo New Member


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