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Newsletters from Carpenters Fan Club?

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by baibook, Apr 22, 2005.

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  1. baibook

    baibook New Member

    Helsinki, Finland
    Is there any Internet resource where I can find all the newsletters from Carpenters Fan Club?

    I'm originally from China. I think it was 1988 when my dad came back from America and brought me the wonderful gift - a 2-cassette box of Yesterday Once More. I noticed there's the address of The Carpenters Fan Club, and I wrote a letter. A few weeks later, I received a handwritten letter from Evelyn! (Right? Is her name Evelyn?) I remember she told me that Karen and Richard's father had been living in Wuzhou China before! Then we exchanged more letters, and she also sent me a package of all the newsletters of the fan club! I was so exciting and I sent her some Chinese music and a local handicraft ... Well, it's a pity that now I lost all those letters. :sad:

    Any news from Evelyn? I hope she's fine. Those letters to her were the first letters in English written by a 14 years old Chinese boy.
  2. Marty TX

    Marty TX Member

    Dallas, TX
    Wow. I guess I didn't realize that Evelyn had sent you all the newsletters in their original format. And you lost them!?? What a shame! I couldn't part with the original trinkets and bulletins I received from the fan club.

    Thanks for letting me know you received the ones I posted for you. I'm sorry nobody answered you regarding Evelyn; I'd like to know her status as well.
  3. cam89

    cam89 Active Member

    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    I think, the last I heard was Ev Wallace was living in Salt Lake City. Haven't heard anything from her in years...She was a nice, sweet lady who answered many, many, many questions of mine.

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