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  2. Steven J. Gross

    Baja Marimba Band "Can You Dig It Part 1 and 2"

    Has this satirical single been discussed here? I had it at one time, good actual song in there..
  3. A

    Baja Marimba Band on Streaming*

    The very first Baja Marimba Band from 1964 is now available on Apple iTunes for $ 7.99 !!
  4. JOv2

    Two Of A Kind: TjB vs. BMB -- "Baja Nova" / "Warm"

    Vote for your favourite version and tell us a bit about why you made your selection. (The selections are listed in release order.) (Note: this is the eighth and final shootout. At this time, I know of no additional songs that were recorded by both bands during their '60s--early'70s period.)
  5. Harry

    HAECO-CSG on Baja Albums?

    Well, sure - most of us here are aware of the GREATEST HITS LP series on A&M getting the HAECO-CSG processing on all but Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass' entry. But I just found more that I wasn't aware of. Looking through my LPs, I was somewhat surprised to see this on two Baja Marimba Band...
  6. Harry

    🎵 AotW Classics Baja Marimba Band's Back

    This album was one of the remaining missing pieces in my Baja collection. I'd owned NATURALLY for years, and picked up the more recent LAZY DAYS issue on CD, so that left this Bell album as the hole in my collection. I located a really nice white-label promo copy and it made a dandy needledrop...
  7. Harry

    🎵 AotW Classics Julius Wechter & The Baja Marimba Band - I'll Marimba You - A Portrait In Music

    1 Comin' In The Back Door 2:14 2 Brasilia 2:36 3 For Animals Only 2:20 4 Spanish Moss (mono) 3:16 5 Spanish Flea 2:20 6 Baja Nova (mono) 2:15 7 Fowl Play 2:07 8 In A Vera Cruz Vein 2:25 9 Peru '68 2:18 10 I'll Marimba You 2:11 11 A Spanish Rose 3:26 12 Rhode Island Red 2:45...
  8. TjbBmb

    Baja Marimba Band Singles

    Wanted to find out about any mono versions of Baja songs that are different from the stereo ones. The only one I know of is Juarez, which has some added chatter in the mono mix.
  9. Shrimpy Pablo

    Baja Marimba Band TV Movie

    Hey buds. I had no idea an A&M forum existed but I'm glad I found it. According to imdb (Baja Marimba Band (TV Movie 1969) - IMDb ) there was a Baja Marimba Band TV Movie, but I cant find any more information on it anywhere. This is something I'm interested in as a fan of the Baja Marimba...
  10. S

    Baja "Heads Up" Cover Scan

    Wondering if anyone has a good scan of Baja's "Heads Up" LP cover. I'm updating my cd cover art and I can't seem to locate the LP to do my own scan. I scoured the internet, including Discogs, but all the artwork I found for this LP pretty much sucks. And I really don't want to buy another copy...
  11. Harry

    Baja Marimba Band on ED SULLIVAN

    The DECADES channel will air an ED SULLIVAN appearance by the Baja Marimba Band on Friday, November 3rd at 5P-5:30P and repeat it at 11P-11:30P. DECADES is an over-the-air digital subchannel and is a joint venture between Weigel Broadcasting and CBS. It's available on antennas in many markets...
  12. Harry

    I've made a Baja theme for Windows

    First, it happened when I stumbled onto a giant image of the HEADS UP album on the web, which I cropped down to a 16:9 size for my monitor shape. I found that from about the top of the EXIT sign down to the bottom. Funny, but that image is usually kind of dark on the album covers that I never...
  13. Steven J. Gross

    The Baja Marimba Band, Dylan

    The first 7 seconds of this Baja Marimba cut sounds remarkably like a Bob Dylan song. Can you name it?
  14. J

    Looks more like the Baja band to me...

    There was an older item on this site about this clip, but the link no longer works, so hope nobody objects to my reposting this with a working link, 'cuz it's too good to let it disappear. Here's a great clip from one of Jack Benny's late-60's color specials, featuring Mel Blanc and his...
  15. Harry

    🎵 AotW Classics Julius Wechter And The Baja Marimba Band FRESH AIR (SP-4200)

    Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band Fresh Air A&M SP-4200 Briefly available on CD from Japan as UCCU-3030 as pictured. Tracks: Side One 1. CIELITO LINDO (P.D. arr. by Julius Wechter) 2:40 2. WAVE (Antonio Carlos Jobim) 3:16 3. I'LL MARIMBA YOU (Julius Wechter) 2:11 4. *I DON'T WANT TO...
  16. Steve Sidoruk


  17. Steve Sidoruk


    If you have a Twitter account, let's contact Universal Music Japan (@UNIVERSAL_J) asking for more BAJA back catalog to be released on CD. You can RE-TWEET my message to them or send your own. My Twitter address follows:
  18. Steve Sidoruk

    Baja Marimba Band 50th Anniversary!!!

    A day late, but not a peso short, this is the 50th Anniversary of Julius Wechter & The Baja Marimba Band! I have been in contact with the Wechter Family and not only are we going to try to get more of their back catalog released, but we're going to get more photos and videos made available to...
  19. Harry

    Surfer? Or wayward Baja?

    Up above Rubens Bassini. A random swimmer/surfer? Or a wayward Baja on the wrong album? :) Harry
  20. B

    Baja Member Seen In Welk's Band

    For what it's worth...I was watching an old Lawrence Welk show on PBS over the was titled The Irish Show, a tribute to St Paddy's day from 1979. To my surprise, during the first band number, there's Bernie Fleischer sitting in the sax section. Mostly during the show he played flute...
  21. Steve Sidoruk

    Baja Marimba Band with Jack Benny

    From 1969 Baja Marimba Band TV Special on KCOP in Los Angeles. Jack Benny in a guest cameo with Cissy Wechter as the Cocktail Waitress. Video courtesy of David Wechter.
  22. Steve Sidoruk

    A&M Celebrates 3rd Baja Album

    Jerry Moss, Julius Wechter, Herb Alpert & Gil Friesen.
  23. Steve Sidoruk

    🎄 Holidays! Merry Christmas from Julius & the Baja Men!

    Well, it's the 1st of December and here in Connecticut, we're getting some light snow - so it's not too early to start with Christmas greetings:

    Radio special on Julius Wechter & Baja Marimba Band

    I am happy to have worked on a new two hour radio special saluting Julius Wechter. It was great to re-visit so many fun tunes and arrangements. The special will air twice this weekend (10/6 & 10/7) on AM 1510 KSPA in the Inland Empire, and AM 1450 KFSD in San Diego. The show airs Saturday at...
  25. Steve Sidoruk

    Lost BAJA Tapes Found!

    Newsflash: David Wechter has found more lost BAJA tapes! The tracks are being reviewed for possible future release. Order your copy of "Lazy Days" at - show your support for the release of more Julius Wechter music.
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