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  1. newvillefan

    Carpenters' Studio Musicians

    Every now and then I like to look up the names of some of the talented musicians who worked with Richard and Karen in the studio over the years, that I come across from reading the album credits. A drummer whose sound I always admired was Larry Londin's. He played on some Made In America tracks...
  2. Jack A.

    Whats something in a Carpenters song that always gives you chills?

    I have three: 1. The strings during the verse on “Top Of The World” - right after the line “everything I want the world to be” 2. The entire bridge of “I Won’t Last a Day Without You” 3. The “ooh, baby” harmonies in “Superstar” - think Richard said the same thing in The Musical Legacy.
  3. Walkinat9

    Carpenters WCFL radio interview (Dick Biondi), 1970

    Hi all, Some of you may have already heard it before, but I was thrilled to find this early and very interesting interview with Karen & Richard. They're both quite outspoken here (Richard in particular, which I enjoyed listening to). Carpenters were performing at the Mill Run Playhouse in...
  4. Rick-An Ordinary Fool

    Carpenters Story Location 3 Part Video

    I never seen these videos before, looks like the author uploaded this back in Dec 2021. It really gives those who don't live anywhere near CA and those who have never visited a nice look around as it relates to Carpenters. The quality is very good. The 3rd one you will have to go to you tube...
  5. adamj95

    Rare Carpenters Memorabilia

    Just got a very cool press kit and I believe it may have belonged to Agnes and Harold. I purchased it from someone who said they got it from a friend of the Carpenter’s family. How cool is that?
  6. Billy Rees

    Carpenters Live - Audio Recordings

    I noticed a few weeks ago that someone on ebay was selling a collection of video and audio recordings on DVD and CD. There were two concerts I've not heard of before and that are not available anywhere like YouTube, so wondered if anyone here had a copy they would be kind enough to share...
  7. Nemily

    Your Favorite Carpenters Studio Album Side 2

    I thought it might be fun to see what the favorite Side 2 was. I left out compilations, the Christmas Albums and “As Time Goes By” (as it is a CD only) Offering/Ticket to Ride – 7. “Ticket to Ride” 8. “Don’t Be Afraid” 9. "What’s the Use” 10. “All I Can Do” 11.“Eve” 12. “Nowadays Clancy Can’t...
  8. byline

    Carpenters songbooks

    While visiting my late parents' home in April, I brought back more items that were stored in the basement. Among the many songbooks were these two Carpenters songbooks. I'd hoped that the Carpenters' first three albums were among the many LPs still stored there, but alas I could not find them...
  9. F

    Odd noise in "In need to be in Love" RPO version

    Hello everyone! Has anyone else ever heard the odd noise in the "I need to be in Love" RPO mix? It happens multiple times during the song, I can hear it best at around 3:15 - 3:18 (when Karen sings "I know I've wasted to much time"). It is present on all Versions of the Album I've heard. I love...
  10. adamj95

    "Carpenters Best" CD- Japan release. New CD?

    I see a cd for sale titled "Carpenters Best" with an OBI strip so it has to be a Japan release. I can't seem to find this CD anywhere else and i'm wondering if it's a new release or is it a bootleg? I'd prefer not to purchase an inauthentic Carpenters CD. Has anyone seen this CD before?
  11. A

    Carpenters Christmas review from 2013

    I came upon this article today and thought I'd send it along. Pretty nifty. https://lancasteronline.com/features/entertainment/a-carpenters-christmas/article_8cba2b1f-c906-5f70-836d-7ec2c0430e77.html
  12. W

    Create your own Carpenters TV album

    Given that Karen and Richard recorded many songs specifically for TV programs, both ones they hosted and those they were guests on, I thought it would be fun to imagine what a Carpenters TV album might have as a track list. Here are the ground rules I'm suggesting: 1. Every song or medley...
  13. Simon KC1950

    Carpenters - Change the record (Lyric)!

    I have been listening to other versions / originals of songs well popularised by the Carpenters recently, and a few lyric alterations jumped out at me. Having listened to the Carpenters versions so long, these differences in the lyrics really pop out. I thought it would be fun for us to...
  14. B

    Carpenters Chart History Video

    Hello all, I ran across this today and found it to be an interesting watch. My apologies if it's already been posted elsewhere...
  15. Jack A.

    Carpenters Karaoke

    For the final night of my school class’s trip to Japan, we all went to a karaoke bar. I decided to get up and sing “Top Of The World.” Karen’s contralto on that song seems to fall roughly in the standard male tenor register - which means I could sing it pretty easily. I mentioned that it was...
  16. Jack A.

    Leave Yesterday Behind and For All We Know

    I just listened to the former for the first time, and was shocked at how similar some parts of these two songs are: 1. First of all, the very beginning of both songs are exactly the same. Same oboe note and everything. 2. Then the oboe is double-tracked in the second part of the intro. 3...
  17. Rudy

    🎵 AotW Carpenters: Now & Then (A&M Records SP-3519)

    Carpenters: Now & Then A&M Records SP-3519 Released 1973 Please refer to our Official Review for full details on this recording. https://forum.amcorner.com/threads/album-now-then-sp-3519.13074/
  18. Mark-T

    Carpenters Revisited: A Fresh Look at The Singles 1974-1978

    I just wrapped up this lengthy article and thought you'd enjoy it. It's the latest in the series which reviews their albums one by one. It also covers the impact of their music and career in my life as well as growing up in Southern California during some pretty great years. Next, I'll cover...
  19. W

    Of all of the Carpenters' songs with Karen as lead vocalist, what's unique about their cover of "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do"?

    All this talk about the Carpenters-Neil Sedaka incident in 1975 got me thinking about the cover version of Neil's best known song Karen & Richard recorded and then released the following year. Once I listened to it again, I noticed something different about it compared to other Carpenters tunes...
  20. Vinylalbumcovers

    Fantasy Carpenters Albums

    Thank you for the inspiration @Without A Song! I always felt like this album could sound really good. The obvious one is coming but I wonder what this would sound like properly massaged and mastered really well. The OG A&M LP of this is really good but it could be better. Can you imagine...
  21. Chris May

    "Carpenters: The Musical Legacy" releases in Japan (translated)

    For our Japanese friends, a translation of Carpenters: The Musical Legacy can now be purchased here at Amazon Japan!
  22. Mark-T

    Professor of Rock Changes His Tune on Carpenters

    Check this out:
  23. 3

    Carpenters: the Musical Legacy at Amazon

    I see this book at Amazon for $4.19 currently. I know I paid more than that. But if anyone needs a copy, I just thought I'd point it out...
  24. A

    Professor Of Rock on Carpenters

    He talks about the song "Rainy Days And Mondays" & other things. (Runs 23 minutes)
  25. Jack A.

    What's your favorite INSTRUMENTAL hook in a Carpenters song?

    To my knowledge, this hasn't been a topic yet on this forum. For me I'm going to go with the brass ornaments in the chorus of "Superstar" - to me, that's a quintessential, signature Richard Carpenter hook. It stands out, but at the same time, also blends pretty well with the rest of the...
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