1. Mark-T

    Professor of Rock Changes His Tune on Carpenters

    Check this out:
  2. 3

    Carpenters: the Musical Legacy at Amazon

    I see this book at Amazon for $4.19 currently. I know I paid more than that. But if anyone needs a copy, I just thought I'd point it out...
  3. A

    Professor Of Rock on Carpenters

    He talks about the song "Rainy Days And Mondays" & other things. (Runs 23 minutes)
  4. Jack A.

    What's your favorite INSTRUMENTAL hook in a Carpenters song?

    To my knowledge, this hasn't been a topic yet on this forum. For me I'm going to go with the brass ornaments in the chorus of "Superstar" - to me, that's a quintessential, signature Richard Carpenter hook. It stands out, but at the same time, also blends pretty well with the rest of the...
  5. Rudy

    🎵 AotW Carpenters: A Song for You (A&M Records SP-3511)

    Carpenters: A Song for You A&M Records SP-3511 Released 1972 This classic album is detailed and discussed in the Official Review:
  6. Portlander

    Carpenters concert clippings and reviews! (1970-1978)

    Thought I would start a new thread that focuses on the Carpenters touring years by posting local reviews along with clippings that promoted their upcoming concerts. To kick it off I've included their only appearance in Maine's largest city of Portland at the historic Exposition Building which...
  7. Michael Hagerty

    Carpenters at KTNQ, Los Angeles, 1977

    Proof that Karen and Richard weren't totally locked out of Top 40 radio in the late 70s. KTNQ, Los Angeles ("The New TenQ") played "Calling Occupants". K&R are seen in studio in October 1977 with the legendary DJ The Real Don Steele (wearing a "Passage" T-shirt) and the TenQ Duck.
  8. A

    Carpenters on Carson (November 1973)

    Runs 19 minutes which they do "Superstar", "Rainy Days And Mondays", "Goodbye To Love" & "Mr. Guder".
  9. Arthur Talarico

    "Christmas Portrait" on Spotify proves that the Carpenters are the kings of Christmas.

    Approximately a month ago, I had observed that the Carpenters had around 4 million listeners a month on Spotify. Yesterday, when I looked again, they had reached 13.5 million monthly listeners! Does this prove that the Carpenters are still the kings of Christmas?
  10. Rudy

    🎵 AotW Carpenters: Carpenters (A&M Records SP-3502)

    Refer to our Official Review for details and discussion:
  11. Harry

    🎄 Holidays! Christmas Greeting from the Carpenters

    Original audio supplied by @Rick-An Ordinary Fool. Video and audio sweetening by @Harry
  12. Jack A.

    "Rainy Days and Mondays" RPO

    Has anyone else noticed that Karen's backing vocals seem to be missing from the RPO version of this song (or at least very buried in the mix)? I love RDAM and it's long remained my favorite Carpenters song. I think Richard did a great job with this one for the RPO album. However, on "the one...
  13. Carl

    Carpenters on Track book

    Hi all. I saw this book available for pre order on amazon U.K. it looks interesting… The Carpenters On Track: Every Album, Every Song
  14. LyndaK

    Article: When Carpenters Went Head To Head With Punk, On 'Passage'

    Just came across an article about "Passage" on the uDiscover Music site: The statement in the last paragraph, " did make No. 12 in the UK and No. 7 in Japan, and remains a much-loved album by fans, most of whom were never...
  15. karencarpenterfans

    Yesterday Once More: Young TikTok talent re-imagines Carpenters 1970s Top 40 classics

    (Hope this is okay to share! Please remove if this doesn't meet the guidelines) Just wanted to share that I was recently interviewed by Neal Augenstein of WTOP News about the Carpenters, and how I use their recording techniques to produce my own vocals in solo projects/of course my online...
  16. FineArts03

    Did the Carpenters wholesome image damage their credibility?

    Did their image result in critics not taking their music as seriously? Were their skills as musicians discounted? If so are there any articles, reviews, books or videos which feature this information.
  17. FineArts03

    What did Richard Carpenter think of the Carpenters' 'squeaky clean' image?

    If there are any sources (e.g. videos, websites, books) featuring this information please link them or point me in the right direction!
  18. cam89

    Part 1 and Par2 of Carpenters songs...

    Hi All, I had thought of the songs Carpenters did and and how other songs could fit or match together... Ticket to Ride/Superstar Rainy Days and Mondays/Saturday Boat to Sail/Sailing on the Tide.... Cam
  19. Arthur Talarico

    Carpenters Music Video Opinions

    Hey, guys! Yesterday I was watching some Carpenters music videos and I decided to ask the following question: is there anything you would change in a Carpenters music video, maybe because you found something strange or something that could be improved?
  20. newvillefan

    Carpenters Associates

    I came across this delightful link on YouTube of John Davidson today and, being outside of the US, never realised he’d had such an accomplished career. He talks about his recording career and very briefly references his involvement with the Carpenters around the 5m40s mark. It got me thinking...
  21. JuanDela

    How did The Carpenters record their strings tracks?

    One of the things I really enjoy about the Carpenters' songs are the strings (pretty much in any song actually). Recently, I listened to Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft, and I was left with a lot of questions about the strings tracks in their songs. How did The Carpenters record them...
  22. adamj95

    Holy Grail Carpenters Memorabilia

    In your opinion, what is the “holy grail” of Carpenters memorabilia?

    Carpenters Album Artwork Speculation

    There has been a lot of speculative discussion lately about The Carpenters and what they might have sounded like doing different songs of the 80s, 90s and 2000s. It got me thinking about an aspect that's essential to an artists image and brand. That would be the album cover and artwork that goes...
  24. Mark-T

    Carpenters Recorded Fool on the Hill

    So, I was nosing around many discussion boards, and one guy mentions that K&K recorded this Beatles tune but it sits in the vault. Any truth to this, @Chris May ?
  25. Walkinat9

    Carpenters song "Officer Fraley"?? (at UMG's Iron Mountain tape vault)

    Hi all, I felt like a kid in a candy store when I discovered this tour video the other day, seeing all those endless amounts of boxes of master tapes and session tapes and more. I found myself pausing the video many times, trying to read what was on those boxes. Every time I spotted the A&M...
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