pick a dozen

  1. Rudy

    🎶 Pick a Dozen Maynard Ferguson on Columbia

    Granted, Maynard Ferguson went full pop-jazz with his Columbia recordings, yet they were an integral part of my musical upbringing, having played a handful of these charts while in a big band. Yeah, maybe they're a bit on the pop side of big band, but they were always fun to play. My picks...
  2. Rudy

    🎶 Pick a Dozen Horace Silver (late 50s to mid 60s on Blue Note)

    With my collection having been digitized to a server several years ago, and utilizing a few different playback methods, I have taken to creating many playlists of favorite artists. I am by and large an album listener, but there are times (such as, when I'm involved in other activities) where I...
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