sergio mendes

  1. Harry

    šŸŽ„ Holidays! Ā”Something Festive! (A&M SP-19003)

    It's December - time to start hauling out the Christmas music. And around these parts, that means: Ā”SOMETHING FESTIVE! (A&M SP-19003) in conjunction with B.F.Goodrich I thought it was interesting to look this album up on It's never had an official CD release, and yet a...
  2. I

    Songs that Sergio should have arranged and Lani should have sung

    Here is a list of songs that should have been recorded with Lani Hall singing with a Samba-Jazz -style arrangement (particularly the rhythm section). Title track from Steely Dan's "Aja" (with more energy than the original ; in fact, Steve Gadd has indeed done Samba beats, in other places). I...
  3. Harry

    Found a couple of 12-inch Sergios and The Real Thing*

    While trolling eBay a week or so ago, I spotted a seller with two different 12-inch records of Sergio Mendes from the '80s. One was "Voodoo" (A&M SP-12068), which had a "specially remixed version" on one side and an instrumental version on the other side. The other one was "Dance Attack"...
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