1. Walkinat9

    Carpenters song "Officer Fraley"?? (at UMG's Iron Mountain tape vault)

    Hi all, I felt like a kid in a candy store when I discovered this tour video the other day, seeing all those endless amounts of boxes of master tapes and session tapes and more. I found myself pausing the video many times, trying to read what was on those boxes. Every time I spotted the A&M...
  2. Rudy

    📜 Feature Dbx-encoded records and tapes, explained

    The dbx company manufactures professional audio gear, and at one point had a lot of consumer products as well. Their consumer audio products ranged from dynamic range enhancers and compressors to sub-harmonic bass synthesizers and tape/source switches. They are also well known for their...
  3. Rudy

    35mm Magnetic Masters

    I was always curious about some of the albums I have seen throughout the years that claimed to be recorded onto "35mm". At first (especially on albums like Esquivel's) I thought they were doing optical recording, but it turns out there actually was a 35mm magnetic tape format used in...
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