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  1. Rudy

    📜 Feature The May Vinyl Challenge

    This is a month of vinyl "challenges" being posted on Instagram. A few of these make no sense (like, what is Day 27: Sleeveface?), but otherwise I can relate to a lot of these. Here is the official list, courtesy of @jennn_erator on IG. I will be participating on and off on our...
  2. Rudy

    Vinyl Thieves

    You know times are getting desperate when thieves are turning to vinyl to possibly make a quick buck. Yet they seem to know what they are grabbing. This is in the Chicagoland area. https://blockclubchicago.org/2023/12/07/robbers-hitting-north-side-business-have-new-target-vinyl-records/...
  3. Rudy

    📣 News 2023-2024 Blue Note Records' Classic Vinyl Series release schedule

    I neglected to post this back in the summer, but Blue Note has an updated list of the upcoming Classic Vinyl series reissues. I already own Blowin' The Blues Away but, unfortunately, discovered that it is a digitally-sourced title and sounds a bit "off" compared to the others. But, I'll hang...
  4. Rudy

    📣 News 2024 Blue Note Records' Tone Poet series release schedule

    Blue Note has just announced the 2024 lineup of Tone Poet vinyl reissues. All are mastered by Kevin Gray of Cohearant from the original analog master tapes. There isn't too much of interest for me, but I'm beyond ecstatic that Silver's Serenade is finally getting a reissue! Just in time, as...
  5. Rudy

    📣 News Acoustic Sounds announces vinyl/SACD reissue series for Atlantic Records' 75th anniversary

    This was announced just last week and has been making a few waves. Celebrating 75 Years of Atlantic Records: The Analogue Productions (Atlantic Series) In honor of the 75th Anniversary of Atlantic Records, we're thrilled to unveil the "75 for 75" series. This is not just a product but an...
  6. Steven J. Gross

    Thicker Vinyl Story

  7. Song4uman

    Vinyl pressing companies

    Just wondering why Carpenters album aren’t pressed by companies like Craft, SMLXL vinyl, etc. they do great pressings in various colors. Jonathan
  8. mjb72

    Vinyl label artwork

    School's out! Time for more designing fun to help unwind and relax during summer. I'll start with HORIZON and work back in chronology as I believe I can only add two files a time to any post. These were inspired by HUSH and PASSAGE'S vinyl labels.
  9. Chris May

    Carpenters "Vinyl Collection" spotted on Jimmy Fallon CBS Sunday Morning interview

    He obviously knows a LOT of great music:
  10. Rudy

    Record Storage

    As the last of my CDs in the family room are stored away, I've freed up valuable wall space since I need more storage for LPs in the room. I've been using an IKEA EXPEDIT for a while now (in the popular brown-black color) but the 4x2 I've outgrown. EXPEDIT is no longer made, being replaced by...
  11. Rudy

    📜 Feature Dbx-encoded records and tapes, explained

    The dbx company manufactures professional audio gear, and at one point had a lot of consumer products as well. Their consumer audio products ranged from dynamic range enhancers and compressors to sub-harmonic bass synthesizers and tape/source switches. They are also well known for their...
  12. Rudy

    🔊 Audio Half-speed mastered vinyl, explained

    This post will help clarify what half-speed mastered vinyl is all about. The process of half-speed mastering was used by Decca from the late 50s to the early 60s for some of their classical recordings. The audiophile label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab began releasing half-speed mastered LPs in...
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