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Working at a Classic Rock station, I heard Peter Frampton frequently, but really only two tracks: "Baby, I Love Your Way" and "Show Me The Way". In my own collection, I own both of those tracks, one on the A&M 50th collection, and one on that LOVE THAT MUSIC album, that also has "I'm In You." But I was never drawn to Peter Frampton and his music at all. Like Rudy said, it's OK, just not my kind of music.
Another idea for a list? What about those low-key, under-the-radar albums that could only have been released by A&M? Records like Sundown Lady, Primal Roots, Road (Paul Winter Consort), and several others that come to mind also represent the variety A&M offered.
I liked that idea.


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It was definitely the oddity & curiosity of the talk box he used on the lead single, Show Me The Way that hooked the music buying public. It worked good enough to sell millions of live albums, and a pretty successful follow up lp. I still would never have bought them. Not a fan at all. Great for A&M though. They had a mega hit record to sell to the middle of the road rock fans until something else came along.

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I'm making the conscious decision not to do Ode, IRS or any label that doesn't expressly have the A&M brand attached...which gives me the wiggle room to do A&M/CTi:

1. THE LONELY BULL-Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (have to start at the beginning)
2. WHIPPED CREAM & OTHER DELIGHTS-Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (the album that made everything that came after possible)
3. A DAY IN THE LIFE-Wes Montgomery (the first major jazz album on the label)
4. LOOK AROUND-Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 (it was this or FOOL ON THE HILL, I just think this is a better-balanced album and no HAECO/CSG)
5. JOE COCKER! (the first big hit of the move to rock)
6. CLOSE TO YOU-The Carpenters (the softer side of the "new" A&M)
7. TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN-Cat Stevens (first singer-songwriter breakthrough for the label)
8. FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE-Peter Frampton (First monster live double)
10.NIGHT AND DAY-Joe Jackson
12. CONTROL-Janet Jackson

One note for the final four—-it's just A&M being as solid and strong at delivering gold and platinum records of their moment as any other label.
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It was definitely the oddity & curiosity of the talk box he used on the lead single, Show Me The Way that hooked the music buying public.
I know it worked for Roger Troutman and Zapp--all of his hits used the talk box, as opposed to using it as a curiosity. Not A&M (Warner Bros., actually), but the vocoder played huge in that sound.


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1. Herb Alpert. This guys in love with you
2. Herb alpert presentsSergio Menedes y Brasil 66
3.Chris Montes,The more I see you
4.Claudine Longet. Love is blue
5.Baja Marimba Band.As time go by.
6.Phil ochs.Pleasures of the harbour
7.Sandpipers.The spanish album
8.Astrud Gilberto.Cti Album
9.George Benson.The other side of Abbey Road
10,Carole King.Pearls
11.Rita Coolidge.Satisfied
12.Joe Cocker. Mad dogs
It is nice to see Satisfied by Rita Coolidge on your list as well as mine. I think it was her best and why it was not more successful is a surprise.


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In no particular order, but you'll be able to tell I love Top 40 stuffr:

Tapestry- Carole King
Frampton Comes Alive- Peter Frampton
Close to You- Carpenters
Synchronicity- Police
Whipped Cream and Other Delights- Herb Alpert and TJB
Heart in Motion- Amy Grant
Control- Janet Jackson
Ten Summoner's Tales- Sting
Teaser and the Firecat- Cat Stevens
Love Will Keep Us Together- Captain & Tennille
Breakfast in America- Supertramp
Paradise Theater- Styx


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This is for the earlier years only. I felt it was important to include 3 of the CTI/A&M jazz lps in this list as that series was an important part of the labels sound. I was going to include TAPESTRY (Carole King), but ommited it as I consider it to be an lp on Ode. In no particular order....

CLAUDINE - Claudine Longet
WE AND THE SEA - Tamba 4
HEADS UP - Baja Marimba Band
GLORY OF LOVE - Herbie Mann
THE MORE I SEE YOU - Chris Montez
EQUINOX - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
GUANTANAMERA - The Sandpipers
SRO - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
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