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I finally took the time to watch the BMB TV special that according to the info took place in 1980. What a wonderful piece of sonic and visual history of the band. The playing was as if they were still in their 60s prime, and I may be a sucker but I love the type of self-deprecating corny humor that they effortlessly displayed. A true treasure. Now to my questions for those in the know...

1. What are the specifics for the special: when, where, how it came about.

2. Would this special be kind of what a BMB concert was like in the 60s?

3. Didn't the TJB, BMB, and B66 tour together as a package in the 60s?

Thanks for any information.

Mr Bill

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1. It was a special recorded for KCET (Los Angeles' PBS Station; supposedly for one of the many fundraiser public TV and radio campaigns they do ad infinitim.

bob knack

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It was not like the 60's concerts. I saw them at the Civic Theatre in Chicago shortly after they formed the travelling band. They did the same walk-on with Comin' In the Back Door and then Brasilia. I don't remember it all, but I do know they did Yours, Acapulco 1922, (similar to how they did it on the You Tube clip) Up Cherry Street, and a comedy bit on Ghost Riders similar to how they played Taste of Honey on that TV special. I can't recall if they brought along that tall bass marimba, but I think they did. This was just after the Heads-Up LP so I'm sure they played Spanish Eyes and Georgy Girl. (It got a lot of air play on Chicago MOR radio.) We were surprised to see Charlie Chiarenza as we had not heard of Bud Coleman's death. After Brasilia in his introductory remarks, Julius said they were new in the concert business, in fact they were going to do their first concert tomorrow night. The band did more funny business at this concert than the later band. They opened for Jack Jones, the headliner, but during intermission, the crowd raved about the BMB.
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