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1981 radio cidade interview


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I had been a fan for such a long time, and thought I had seen and heard almost anything. I had some spare time recently and discovered this forum and since then have found out so much more. So thank you all!

here is Brazil 1981 interview which I have not heard before:
Most of you may already know it , but I enjoyed it so much that i thought it worthwhile to bring it to your attention just in case anyone has missed it.

At around 6 minutes Karen sings a line from crystal lullaby so beautifully. At around 5:30 She also does her impression of a Brazilian hawker on the beach. Later on she does vocal drumming with Richard to the song girl from Ipanema. They are so musically talented.

it was always very hard to watch Karen from that time. But on radio she still manages to sound healthy and chirpy. I don’t know how she did that.
Thank you for uploading. I had heard some of this interview in a compilation of interviews but i always wanted to hear the whole interview.

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The interview encapsulates the inner beauty and charm she possessed. And that off-the-cuff rendition of Crystal Lullaby just sums-up what a soft, lovely, and melodic voice she had even at this late stage of her life.


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on radio she still manages to sound healthy and chirpy. I don’t know how she did that.
That's probably nervous energy.
That's where the term 'anorexia nervosa' comes from.
The upbeat quality an anorectic has when they're unwell is related to anxiety... it sounds like they're fine, but behind the scenes they might be feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated.

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Love this interview! Thanks for sharing it. I’d also never heard it in its entirety.

One thing that really impressed me is how Karen and Richard are so totally IN SYNC with each other when they’re jazzing it up together. It’s extraordinary how they’re off in their own musical world and completely locked into the music. That’s an otherworldly talent.


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Plans were being put out there by Karen during the interview to return to Brazil in 1982 to play some performances with the band.
This makes me wonder was Karen in as much denial as everyone else about her illness. She was going to join Olivia to drum on a couple of tracks on her 1982 concert tour and dropped out as she wasn’t up to it. How on earth could she have undertaken a full Carpenters overseas concert tour?


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There are 4 other Rádio Cidade segments on YouTube. Most of the time is taken up with the host translating what Karen and Richard say. LOL.

In the first part, K and R speak between the 3 and 7 minute mark.

Part 2 begins with the host asking them to sing parts of their hits from the beginning of their career which, ever good sports, they proceed to do. Following that, he asks why they took 3 years off. At the 3 minute mark, Karen is asked what is her favorite song; her reply: "Because We Are In Love." R's are CTY and "Superstar."

Part 3. At the 2:30 mark, R is asked what songs are most requested at their concerts. WOJB and TOTW.

Part 4. Karen says when they do come back to Brazil (still saying there will be a tour in '82), she hopes everyone comes out to see them. But not in the hotel room. The interview ends after 2 minutes. TMWWD, "Now" from "The Karen Carpenter Story" and "Karen's Theme" end the video.
The Carpenters - Entrevista Rádio Cidade São Paulo Parte 4

In total, they run about 33 minutes. Don't know if others are interested in listening to them all, but I enjoy hearing anything and everything.
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