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20 Number One Singles

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by Simon KC1950, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Simon KC1950

    Simon KC1950 Active Member Thread Starter

    With the Carpenters anniversary coming up tomorrow, I thought we should all reflect upon how successful this timeless duo from Downey, California have been during their career. So I thought I'd kick it off with this:

    The Carpenters had 20 of their single's reach the Number One spot on at least one chart.

    Here are those Number One 'oldies but goodies' Carpenters singles:

    1~ They Long To Be) Close To You
    2~ We've Only Just Begun
    3~ Merry Christmas Darling
    4~ For All We Know
    5~ Rainy Days And Mondays
    6~ Superstar
    7~ Hurting Each Other
    8~ It's Going To Take Some Time
    9~ Goodbye To Love
    10~ Top Of The World
    11~ Yesterday Once More
    12~ Sing
    13~ I Won't Last A Day Without You
    14~ Please Mr. Postman
    15~ Only Yesterday
    16~ Solitaire
    17~ There's A Kind Of Hush
    18~ I Need To Be In Love
    19~ Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
    20~ Touch Me When We're Dancing

    That is impressive !
    Does anybody know of anymore ?
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  2. Here's some mythical artwork for CARPENTERS NUMBER ONE SINGLES:

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  3. Portlander

    Portlander Member

    Nice research Simon, am always aware of the 15 AC and 3 Top 40 number ones in the USA, but tend to forget about their chart success overseas. Wasn't "Calling Occupants" #1 in Ireland or some out of the way country? Not sure about "It's Going to Take Some Time" and "Goodbye to Love" which did not reach #1 on the AC Charts and were #12 and #7 on Top 40? I assume "Merry Christmas Darling" must have topped a Billboard holiday chart?
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  4. Simon KC1950

    Simon KC1950 Active Member Thread Starter

    Yes your right, 'Occupants' was #1 in Ireland. "It's Going To Take Some Time" and "Goodbye To Love" was #1 on the Canadian easy listening chart. Whilst "Merry Christmas Darling" was the Christmas number One of the billboard Christmas chart for 3 years, 1970,71,73
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  5. Simon KC1950

    Simon KC1950 Active Member Thread Starter

    why can't this be a real thing ?!?!
    it looks great, nice job.
  6. CraigGA

    CraigGA Well-Known Member

    I like this concept. The only one I miss on that list is All You Get From Love Is A Love Song. Did it chart anywhere as number 1 on a list around the world?

    In fact, I'll make an iTunes list of these and use Harry's mock up as my cover!

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  7. Took about 10 minutes in Photoshop...
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  8. For what it's worth, a VERY close approximation to this above compilation was issued within the past year. It's that British CARPENTERS NATION'S FAVOURITE disc. 19 of the 20 songs listed here were on that. The different track was "Merry Christmas Darling" which was replaced on the actual disc by "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)".
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  9. Portlander

    Portlander Member

    I read somewhere a few years ago that the Carpenters are the #1 (international) artist of all-time in the Philippines and I think "Yesterday Once More" is the most played/popular english song in China. Where is GaryAlan when I need him?
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  10. BarryT60

    BarryT60 Well-Known Member

    No matter how many times I see that logo - I still gush - particularly, when it is presented so beautifully.
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  11. Portlander

    Portlander Member

    I posed a question to Richard well over a decade ago in the "Fans Ask" section of the dormant Carpenter site on how the famous logo came to be and why wasn't it on the "Passage" album. He said that Craig Braun and Associates came up with the design and they knew it was a winner right away and decided to initiate it on their third (Tan) album. The response to my question still remains on the Carpenter Wikipedia page under logo!
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  12. Portlander

    Portlander Member

    Simon, you may want to add to your list. Carpenters actually had 5 number ones on Canada's version of our Top 100 chart which I would assume is different than their Easy Listening chart. Songs are "Close to You", "We've Only Just Begun", "Yesterday Once More", "Top of the World" and "Mr Postman".
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  13. adam

    adam Active Member

    Yesterday once more no 1 in Singapore,Malaysia and Hong kong
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  14. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Active Member

    The logo is on the Passage album. You just need to look on the back cover!
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