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30-Single Box Set?

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Mr. Okano (Universal Music) says that 30-Single Box Set may be relased someday in the book "Carpenters".
Please release Black Box again! (I don't have the set).


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Wasn't the black box set originally issued in Japan? Was it just hard for you to get or was it too expensive? I wish that this set was released in the U.S. I would buy it.

How much was this CD Mini Lp Style box set when it was originally issued in Japan? I would like to know what the actual asking price was when it was "originally issued" I see the Inflated Prices in Ebay for 400.00 to 500.00 or more but what was the selling price when it was released?

Oh, Sakura, Do U still see this box set in the Japan record stores? Or loose ones in record stores over there? We don't see any of them here in the U.S. I really like them & think there really cool looking and I think they sound amazing too. I would replace them with all my regular Cd's if I could find them. I got 2 of them off ebay & paid more than I should have but still glad I did.


N.P. My Voice of the Heart LP, online....


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I didn't know the black box set. I wish I had seen this forum at that time.
And it is out of stock. The album cover of "OFFERING" was only one in this limited edition.
So I wish I had another original box set with "Ticket To Ride".

According amazon jp, the price of the set is 26,697Yen.

**Japanese Yen / US$
Japanese Yen 1 / 118.860000
US $ 0.008413 / 1

So if it is 0.008420 / 1,
26,697Yen = $224.80 (right?)

The price of the white box (I bought the set on the day the set was
released) was 27,000Yen ( = $227.35).

CD NOW price $397.49 = 47,182.06Yen.

I think the price of import LP was high.(for example, Live At The Palladium).
But we can buy Now And Then CD or Close To You CD, 1,421Yen each from US.
Interpretations CD is 1,452Yen from UK.
Olivia's (2) CD is 2,699Yen from AU.
The price of As Time Goes By CD is from 2,427Yen to 2,184Yen.

Thank you for your reading my post in poor English. I'm not familiar with
Could you tell me about it?


P.S. Chris, Did you go to Sound Studio at Olivia's site? I am glad that I
can listen to Olivia's songs of which I don't have CD(only LP). Is Olivia's
"DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA" in "Making A Good Thing Better" album? I have
not listened to this album for a long time.
I hope your summer plans are wonderful!


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Here are the singles released in the US in the chronological order.
01:Ticket To Ride
02:sad:They Long To Be) Close To You
03:We've Only Just Begun
04:For All We Know
05:Rainy Days And Mondays
06:Superstar/Bless The Beast And Children
07:Hurting Each Other
08:It's Going To Take Some Time
09:Goodbye To Love
11:Yesterday Once More
12:Top Of The World
13:I Won't Last A Day Without You
14:tongue:lease Mr. Postman
15:Only Yesterday
17:There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)
18:I Need To Be In Love
20:All You Get From Love Is A Love Song
21:Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft
22:Sweet Smile
23:I Believe You
24:Touch Me When We're Dancing
25:sad:Want You) Back In My Life Again
26:Those Good Old Dreams
27:Beechwood 4-5789

Then we've got some more singles released later:
Honolulu City Lights
Make Believe It's Your First Time
Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore

But we can't forget about the seasonal songs that warmed our hearts:
Merry Christmas Darling
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)

BTW, will Goofus not win Richard's favor again this time?

This 30-piece singles collection release won't be better if it gets complete.

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Wow this would be a cool CD Singles Box Set to have if Richard releases it. Actually it's a pretty cool idea the more I think about it.

But what would make it even better is for Richard to release these singles in their original format. What I mean is No-Remixes, No Remasters, just release them the way they were originally released.

Then give us the Christmas Singles too as a bonus to the box set. :wink:

What do U think? How far do u think Richard is to something like this, 1 year, 4 years, 10 years? Maybe just an idea perhaps.
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