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40th Box Set - genuine?

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR, Dec 31, 2017.


    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    I know it`s nothing to do with this particular set, but the best bargain I got was a couple of months before Christmas. off Ebay, I managed to buy the 40th anniversary set, never opened or played, for wait for it ............ £30 :dancing:
  2. You need to be careful with that 40th set. It was heavily counterfeited by the Chinese, and sold cheap on eBay. Frequently, one of the spines will be misspelled as


    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter


    I bought it from a private seller who bought it new, but never opened or played it, so all good :)
  4. Yould be amazed how good these Chinese fakes actually are!, I’ve bought some unwittingly and couldn’t tell the difference in any of the packaging. If you bought that set at £30 then all power to you but I would be amazed if it is the real deal?. Ain’t these cds supposed to be SHMCD?, even so if the purchaser was the original owner he must have known the set was easily worth over £500 now if he didn’t then you have definitely got a bargain beyond bargains.
    Usually people have a scout around eBay to see how much things are worth before listing on average ( I definitely do myself ) and that set is worth £500 minimum now. I bought Led Zeppelins SHMCD box set - equally worth a considerable sum nowerdays and the seller assured me it was genuine!, he actually worked for the record company who manufactured the set and was given It as a gift, and guess what that was also a fake so if he can be hoodwinked then we all can. Anyways enjoy it even if it isn’t the real deal it’s worth £30!.
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    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    I`m pretty sure he didn't know what he had, which has happened a couple of times. I actually came across the listing, luckily, within an hour of it being listed, because as a collector, I look on ebay every night, almost without fail.
    it was actually on for £50 `new`, but when it arrived, the cellophane was opened and there were a couple of crush marks to the corners of the box, now I knew what I had and at £50, it was a steal, because I could only find two on the internet at the time and the cheapest was £800, the other was £1000+, but because the guy had listed it as new, I moaned about it not being pristine or `as new` and he gave me £20 back :D
    the contents however are pristine. I`ve checked every cd / dvd and there`s not a mark on any of them. I have no doubt it`s genuine, I just don`t thnk the guy knew what he had!


  6. Would be good if someone could confirm it as genuine for you, to be honest I’ve never seen the set for sale on eBay at a low price whether that’s a copy or what have you. Harry obviously has a great deal of knowledge on the subject and if he says the set was faked in the past then it must have been. Even at £30 or what have you the set is a ridiculous bargain. All the best with it would be good if we could have a few photos to compare matrix numbers on the discs themselves?.
    I’d love to find out that the set is genuine but yould have to compare it with some other guys copies - I sadly haven’t got one!!!.
  7. Not to dwell on the box set above (as I release this is about the vinyl collection), but I’ve just looked through the feedback of the seller and he does seem to either sell bootlegs ( Beatles ) etc, or if they ain’t bootlegs (for example The Rolling Stones), the price is ridiculously low for such a prized vinyl boxed set £50 for Rolling Stones which is easily worth £800 minimum.
  8. I'd agree with you Wayne, and hope that our @CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR wasn't scammed. I know that I wouldn't buy from such a seller - not on a heavily counterfeited set like the 40th Anniversary set. And just because "MADE IN AMERICA" is spelled correctly, doesn't mean that the Chinese bootleggers didn't fix their mistake for later "pressing".
  9. tomswift2002

    tomswift2002 Well-Known Member

    Is there an apostrophe between the “r” and “s” in “Collector’s”?

    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    are we looking at the right seller?
    this is the original listing;

    Carpenters 40th Anniversary Collection Boxset | eBay

    I still think it`s original, but if harry knows his stuff and he can tell me what to photograph so he can look, I`m happy to do that and would appreciate help on it :)
    I also appreciate this thread has gone off topic a little bit with this, so if you want me to open a separate one, I will.

    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    dos`nt look like it, why?

  12. newvillefan

    newvillefan Well-Known Member

    That’s still wrong, it says Collector_s_Edition.
  13. Yes I’d think it’s a copy by that closer image although it’s worth the £30 in my
    Opinion, where else can you get that much carpenters music for that price and the additional content. Copy or not it’s still cheap!!. Not that I’m condoning counterfeiting of course!. If you check the ones at £600 on eBay they have the apostrophe before the S in Collector’s.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2018
  14. The genuine artwork would have the apostrophe:


    These are the kinds of errors that bootleggers are notorious for. Punctuation and spelling are difficult for them apparently.

    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    cheers guys :)
    o well, such is life! if I`d paid 300 for it, I`d be driving down to rip his lungs out, but at £30, I agree, it`s still a lot of good music for the money and given they are SHCD as well, that`s a lot of quality as well. I`m still a little miffed though, because I thought that was the bargain of the year, but hey, life`s too short :)
    thank you guys, I do appreciate the help and this thread can get back to topic now, before harry goes off on one :evil::laugh:
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  16. I've split the topic into it's own and away from the vinyl thread.

    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    thanks harry :)
    just out of interest, I know this set fetches a fortune now, but anyone know what it was selling for when it came out? I`m guessing a couple of hundred at least.
  18. I believe it was around $400, if I recall correctly. I personally didn't buy one, having gotten what I feel was the better set for the 35th anniversary.

    By the way, even though labeled as such, I would seriously doubt that the CDs in your set are SHM-CDs.
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  19. It’s an interesting topic this one, it shows how hard it to spot a fake, if the apostrophe was there it would be hard to spot unless you had the original box and the fake side by side. I have a few which I bought thinking id got a genuine set and can’t tell the difference as the covers are so spot on, regarding the SHMCD question - I would doubt a copy would have SHMCD, they will be normal redbook quality cds well CD-R to be honest possibly.
  20. Also funnily enough one sold on eBay with Apostrophe!!, is that also a fake??. As Harry rightly says they rectify errors!.

    eBay item 322917980864

    Sold for £80

    Which is another bargain and who knows maybe it was a genuine item?.

    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    it just gets worse :sad::sad:
    I did play `OFFERING` when it first arrived and the quality is amazing, so would it be fair to say, that although they may not be SHMCD, if they were copied from said cds, the quality would still be the same, because that`s the thing with digital, you copy it to normal cd (SHMCD) and it sounds the same.
  22. SHMCD is just a purer compound I think?, Harry is the man in this one to give us the proper terminology but I think it stands for Super High Bit Mapping Compact Disc, it’s contentious at best some say they can tell others can’t tell at all. Sort of like a Placebo effect.
    I have one SHMCD and it sounds the same to me.
  23. It's easy enough to be suckered into buying a counterfeit, and I myself had dealings with an eBay seller who pawned this off on me as genuine:

    The artwork on the inserts was VERY well done, down to the perforations at the spine. But the tip-off was the next-to-bottom line that says "Mae by Canyon Records". Again, they got a spelling incorrect. Also, that disc was supposed to be made in Japan, yet had no JASRAC logo on it, and the fonts were all wrong for a disc of that era.

    Ebay agreed with me and refunded my money, but the seller wouldn't provide an accurate address for its return, so I still have that counterfeit as a reminder to be careful. If a price seems too good, or a rare item seems too plentiful - buyer beware.
  24. SHM-CDs are simply made from a supposedly better grade of plastic (Super High Material) that allegedly cuts down on any errors in disc reading, supposedly resulting in better sound. Most serious CD collectors feel that it's missing an "a" - it should be "SHaM".

    CARPENTERS-COLLECTOR Active Member Thread Starter

    the best one I`ve heard so far, is the `GOLD` K2 HDCD. the sound quality on that is simply amazing! I don`t know about you guys, but I still use the old seperates and equalizer for hi-fi, you can`t beat them, I hate these modern all-in-one hi-fi systems, they sound terrible.

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