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4th February 2019


What I feel has come and gone before...
Too many fans focus on this day. I do not. I celebrate Karen's legacy every time I listen to one of her songs. Yes, it is the day the music died - in many ways - but thanks to Richard we have been able to enjoy many more recordings. In many ways, the tragedy can attract some very sad individuals who are less into the music than the folks on this forum. But there is much to celebrate.


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Nothing to celebrate but lots to express appreciation for and honor the woman whose vocal work were love.


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The song which has gone through my head today:
"One more time for the good times...that far outweigh the bad...
when love was all we had...ONE MORE TIME."

The passing of time has not dulled the memory of that day in 1983.
In my mind, at least, Karen Carpenter is love, in some undefined manner.

"her echo shall linger forever"

David A

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I always think of Karen's closest friends and family on this day, and how hard it must be for them. 36 years takes the edge off of any hurt - thank heavens - but for those closest to her I'm sure this day is still a sad, reflective one.


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I never celebrate dates of death. I find it rather maudlin.
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