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50 Year Carpenters Grammy Awards Anniversary


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In February 1971 Andy Williams introduced the multiple Grammy nominated Carpenters to sing "We've only just begun". The silkiest softest flowing vocals of Karen Carpenter were 50 years ago introducing to the world a vocal artistry like no other ever heard. Richard's waves of harmonious empowering background vocals gliding into a classic 70's gentle sound that places into the bell bottom dancing tambourine playing timeless days the moment we hear this song. How could it be as her songs come into my thoughts daily that this year and next month in February will be the 50th Anniversary of one of the most alive souls even 38 years after Karen Carpenter's tragic passing from the long-term physical impact of Anorexia. Karen and Richard Carpenter are a legacy that without the brilliance of Burt Bacharach to introduce the siliest vocal sounds of Karen Carpenter & her brother Richard's brilliant musical arrangements to Herb Albert, where would the world have been without the beautiful timeless songs that still today grace our millions of couples for their weddings. A&M Records & Richard Carpenter must be Honored next month as the legacy of which they so deserve to highlight the Carpenters. Share your thoughts and how A&M changed the lives of so many to share the Caroenters with the world. We are forever grateful to A&M Records founder Herb Albert for signing the Caroenters in 1969.


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The Grammy Awards should recognize the Carpenters with a tribute or even a Lifetime Achievement Award for their contributions to popular music in my opinion. According to Billboard, they were the top American born recording artists of the 70's which is an impressive accomplishment on it's own!


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I think it’s sad that they have consistently been snubbed by most of the record industry when it comes to recognition for their longevity. If the Beach Boys, Burt Bacharach, Simon and Garfunkel and Dionne Warwick are worthy recipients of the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and ABBA have been awarded the Vocal Group Hall of Fame Award, then it surely follows that Carpenters should have been by now.

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Agreed! There’s no reason they shouldn’t be recognized for their immense contributions to popular music. I think it will happen, but they need to get off their asses and do it already!


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Yes, Carpenters should be included. We could all lobby NARAS members to vote for them next year...too late for Jan. 31. It would also take some current artists to help make the case and emails to Grammy organization. Let’s make it happen folks!
The Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award is a special Grammy Award that is awarded by The Recording Academy to "performers who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording.
Lifetime Achievement Award honorees this year are Chicago, Roberta Flack, Isaac Hayes, Iggy Pop, John Prine, Public Enemy and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Ken Ehrlich, Philip Glass and Frank Walker will receive Trustees Award honors, and George Augspurger is being recognized with the Technical GRAMMY Award recipient.
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