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50th Anniversary Celebration - West Coast*

Discussion in 'A Song For You: The Carpenters Forum' started by ringves, Jul 16, 2017.

In which city should the 50th Anniversary Celebration be based?

  1. Downey

    17 vote(s)
  2. Thousand Oaks

    26 vote(s)
  3. Long Beach

    3 vote(s)
  4. Other

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. GaryAlan

    GaryAlan Well-Known Member

    I hate to miss the 50th festivities, as I also missed the 1999 gathering.
    It must have been awesome, Richard Carpenter is a class-act !
  2. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    ^^Warms the heart to see this, thank you for posting.
  3. I loved watching this - thanks for posting it! I’m really sorry not to be able to join you for the 50th anniversary. I’ve been wondering lately whether it might be worth organising a mini party for U.K. Carpenters fans here in London, especially seeing as we were treated to so much publicity this week with Richard in town (and the RPO being at #1 currently). What do other UK folks think?

    Meanwhile I will post some photos from when I went along to spot Richard leaving BBC Studios over in that thread later.

  4. Mark-T

    Mark-T Well-Known Member

    GaryAlan, THANK YOU for that video! It was fun to watch and to see faces of people I've only read about.
  5. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    I am sooooo "pumped" for this event!!!:goodie:
  6. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    I realize that it is not a good idea to expect to see Richard, but in my heart or hearts I am really hoping we get to hear from him.
    Up until this all seemed like it was very far in the future, but when I got word from Southwest Airlines that my flight was changed I realized how pressured I was to call and change the time because it is just around the corner!

    I suppose being of a more recent Carpenters fan generation, this is as close as I will get to the thrill of a Carpenters concert. Still hoping one day to see Richard perform, but I don't know if that will ever happen.
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  7. Jarred

    Jarred Active Member

    I think he would regret not making an appearance and I'm sure he's appreciative that 50 years later (a huge milestone itself) people want to have this kind of celebration of his music.
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  8. Hi, I will be coming to the 50th Anniversary Celebration in Thousand Oaks... Really looking forward to it and to meeting so many of you I've only ever seen or spoken to online! I've been wanting to come to LA and Downey to visit the Carpenters related places for so many years, and this will be a once-in-a-lifetime dream come true for me! Of course, hoping Richard will make an appearance, which will just be the icing on the cake!
  9. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    Checked my email inbox today and the following message was there (good news):


    We are thrilled to announce that Gayle Levant has rejoined the Panel Discussion on Saturday night!

    The celebration starts in about three weeks and we are looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you!

    Carpenters 50th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee
  10. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

  11. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    Anyone else excited that it's only 14 days now until the event? :D

    My journey starts this Sunday - I'm off to New York for a week then a couple of other places before I reach LA. One of the things I want to do while in NYC is walk around mid town while playing Karen's album in my headphones. West 48th Street (close to Times Square) was home to A&R Studios, where it was recorded. That will give me the biggest buzz!
  12. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    That sounds so awesome! I am getting excited, too!
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  13. Carpe diem

    Carpe diem Well-Known Member

    This final 2 weeks is going to be a blur...Got my hotel, plane, rental car reservations! Will be flying into Long Beach, an airport I dearly love to fly to - so easy to get in and out of. On final approach, the plane flies over CSLB to the point you can see the whole campus. I always think of Karen and Richard when it does. Bon Voyage!!
  14. CraigGA

    CraigGA Well-Known Member

    Please be aware of your surroundings and don’t get mugged while listening to headphones. I was once mugged in Atlanta while on a familiar route doing the exact same thing and I thought I was always aware.
  15. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    Thank you for the kind words. I will. Maybe a diner or cafe is a better place to take in the album :)
  16. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    Who all here is staying at the Palm Garden Hotel? I should be arriving rather early that first day as my flight gets into LA around 9h30. Would be cool to meet up with some that afternoon.
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  17. I’ll be there around 9 or 10. Going to hit lunch at the institution Ale House Brewery about 7 miles away with another Carpenterphile or two. You are welcome to join if you want.
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  18. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    That sounds awesome!
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  19. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    I am staying there and should get to the hotel just before 3pm. You’ll find me sitting by the pool with a nice cold beer!
  20. I hope everyone has a fabulous time at the big get together in Thousand Oaks and across the Southland. As I noted a couple of months ago I will not be able to attend due to a previous engagement I have in Nebraska. Oddly enough I'll be arriving in Southern California on the 29th a few days after the 50th Anniversary event. All of you will be in my thoughts as you celebrate 50 years of the Carpenters with A&M Records.
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  21. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    Greetings from New York! I’m two days into my US trek and really looking forward to meeting up with everyone in Thousand Oaks in a few days.

    I’m not really one for baring my soul online but three weeks ago I lost my lovely, beloved dad and seriously considered cancelling this trip. My dad was such a strong person and would have gone mad if I’d bailed on this trip because he knew how much I’d looked forward to it for almost 12 months. I talked to him incessantly about the sights I’d see on this trip and he was so excited on my behalf, because he knew my of - and supported - my love for all things Carpenters since I was 16. I’m now 44 years old.

    So, after much soul searching and talking to my lovely mam and sister, I took the flight to NYC.

    Anyway, I’m here and I’m on my way to Thousand Oaks in a few days.

    See you all there.

    I left a little tribute to my dad here, I know none of you know him but this was him to a T :)

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  22. My Condolences to you and your family, Stephen, and virtual hug. See you in Westlake.
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  23. CraigGA

    CraigGA Well-Known Member

    My stepdad just went into the nursing home after a month in the hospital and my Mom is following right behind. In fact, I’m writing this while in the hospital with my mom. Sometimes in life it feels like if there was a time we could cry we would never stop. My teenage years were spent with the same adoration up to today. We all probably have similar stories and when you recall yours it reminds us of our own and empathy and honor and love become a shared emotion as the emotion we feel listening to Karen and Richard Carpenter. Their music gives me and those I know who enjoy them floods of emotion that centers in our own life experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing all of your uploaded videos!
  24. CarpentersToYou

    CarpentersToYou What I feel has come and gone before...

    Stephen, I am so sorry for your loss. These moments are the most difficult. I think your father would be thrilled that you’re continuing your journey. May it help you find happiness and light.
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  25. newvillefan

    newvillefan I Know My First Name Is Stephen

    Thank you guys for the lovely words and messages I’ve had, I did not expect that. I didn’t want to bring this thread down, hopefully I haven’t. I’m counting the days to Thousand Oaks, we have so much to look forward to! I can’t make my mind up what the highlight will be for me, there’s too much to choose from. I’m really looking forward to the panel discussion and seeing if my question(s) are asked. Safe travels to everyone else who is coming.

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