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50th 50th Anniversary Celebration - West Coast*

In which city should the 50th Anniversary Celebration be based?

  • Downey

    Votes: 21 42.0%
  • Thousand Oaks

    Votes: 27 54.0%
  • Long Beach

    Votes: 3 6.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 1 2.0%

  • Total voters

Carpe diem

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Thank you guys for the lovely words and messages I’ve had, I did not expect that. I didn’t want to bring this thread down, hopefully I haven’t. I’m counting the days to Thousand Oaks, we have so much to look forward to! I can’t make my mind up what the highlight will be for me, there’s too much to choose from. I’m really looking forward to the panel discussion and seeing if my question(s) are asked. Safe travels to everyone else who is coming.
Safe travels to you too newvillefan, we'll see you in Thousand Oaks next week!:)


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So sad to miss this. Just didn’t work out. And so mad at myself for not getting the “swag” ordered in time.


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I am too. Only 2 hours away and Saturday night would have been really fun. I really hope Richard shows up for at least a group photo. Safe travels to all the amazing Carpenters fans, and keeping their music and legacy still thriving. I’m amazed at all the knowledge from super fans on here. It’s really a relief to know I’m not the only one that’s been obsessed with their music for over 48 years.


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Have fun and safe travels everyone. I wish it were closer for me - I'd be there. Please continue to post all adventures, notes and pictures right here in this thread. It's linked to on the Carpenters Resource.



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So sad I'm missing this. I'd definitely have come if I wasn't already going away. At least I'm going to Randy's book launch in London. Enjoy everyone!!

Malu Makana

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As goes the ripple in the quiet pond. My ripple took 48 years to reach me. I am thankful that it did. Forward to Carpenter Oaks.:)


I Know My First Name Is Stephen
I’ve left a couple of Instagram posts on my profile so you can all see what we’ve been up to so far. You should be able to view these posts even if you don’t use Instagram as my profile is public.

This morning we arrived at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, where we received a very warm welcome from their staff. They went on to open up the full memorabilia exhibit for us and told us we could stay as long as we liked. We got to see the wall of gold records, various photographs from their career, a video retrospective of their recording history, the various awards they have received, Karen’s ultra-rare Magic Lamp single and - the jewel in the crown - Karen’s silver sparkle Ludwig drum kit.

We’ve also just finished a tour of Downey, which started at the Newville home and a group photo which I’m sure will surface at some point. The local police dropped in on our visit as the two huge tour buses pulled up outside Newville Avenue (not sure if that was by concern or curiosity!) and we’ve also had the photographer from the LA times visit follow us around all afternoon, so expect an article to appear soon. We visited Downey Methodist Church and Furman Park and then went on to the Close To You and Only Just Begun apartments, where the Mayor of Downey very kindly turned up to welcome us and thank us for the continued support of the Carpenters and the town they grew up in. We finished our afternoon at Downey High School, which was opened up for us especially and got to see the Downey High Stage where Richard and Karen once performed, as well as accolades to them in the form of a plaque dedicated to them and their inclusion on the Downey High School Wall Of Fame (which interestingly also featured their college friend Dennis Heath).

All in all, a great first full day, superbly organised! We’ve still got our first tribute group to see this evening, including a meet and greet with the band at Downey Theatre and then the drive back to Thousand Oaks. I’m sure everyone will sleep well tonight :)

P.S. Shout out to the organising committee for an amazing job well done so far. The hotel is beautiful, the swag bag is amazing and so is the company!

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I Know My First Name Is Stephen
Today we are in Hollywood, first stop: the former A&M Records, now The Jim Henson Company. We discovered on the way that, despite many months of requests, a guided tour would not be possible and this would instead be a stop off with the opportunity to take pictures from outside the complex. Disappointing, but not altogether unexpected.

As we stood at the gates for our photo opportunity, they began to slowly open to allow a staff member entry. We cautiously stood back but...the gates remained open. We wondered what was happening, but didn’t have to wait long to find out because from the reception building emerged two members of the Henson team, who came over to say hello and talk to us about our pilgrimage. The gates continued to remain open and to our surprise and delight, we were invited to step through the gates and view the interior courtyard to take photos. Definitely a “wow!” moment!

Once inside the courtyard, our hosts kindly explained that the large wooden door you see in my photos is what once led to the recording studios, and the upper floor windows of the salmon-pink building are where Karen’s office once was.

We got another great group photograph courtesy of Chip, which again I’m sure will surface at some point.

This morning was a lovely and unexpected surprise for everyone and it’s only because of the kindness and hospitality of the Henson team that we got to see what nobody thought they would. A superb way to round off our morning. We definitely got lucky today.

Next stop - Hollywood Bowl!

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New Horizons.

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Stephen/Newvillefan...Just wanted to say a million thanks for your postings and letting us be a part of your special trip.
Hope everyone is having an amazing time attending.


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That’s really cool. I miss the days when driving by there, the A&M sign turning around and the giant billboard in front of the building facing Sunset Blvd. with a huge picture of the latest album they were promoting on display. Glad everyone is having an exciting and memorable experience this week.

Rick-An Ordinary Fool

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Stephen, I just wanted to say thank you for posting all these awesome photos of your journey, especially so far the original A&M Studio lot now The Henson Studio. It really helps us who can't attend this event. We feel like we are on this journey with you. Thanks.

I could be wrong but I have always believed that this photo was taken inside the A&M studio upstairs, possible as Stephen mentioned Karen’s former management office at the old A&M. If you look closely you can see out the window panes to the roof building next door and that same roof building is also seen in the photo Stephen uploaded to the far right side (the photo he took of Charlie Chaplan with the stairs going up look to the right you see the shingled roof looks the same as the one in this photo (meaning Karen & Richard are upstairs in this photo)

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