50th Anniversary | Lookback

I forgot the “swag bag” photo. I was so impressed by the detail that went into this, especially the commemorative booklet. There was even a Carpenters Christmas bauble - in April!

Guys, appreciate the great pictures. It might be nice to have captions on some of them.
Richard told us the Karen’s original silver sparkle Ludwig set is the one on display at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center. He also mentions that they bought Karen her beloved Ludwig super-sensitive 10 lug 410 snare before their big first hit, but he doesn’t mention if that is the one one display at the center also. Were you able to tell if that original snare in there as well? I am not able to tell from this angle. I am not sure which one they bought her, the gold badge from the 60’s or the blue badge from ’69. Does anyone know?
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