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A drummer who sang


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I stumbled upon this on YouTube yesterday and have been wowed by it. Apologies if it's been shared before. Mr Guder isn't a song I listen to all that often but it's one I always enjoy live.

Presumably this was around about the time of the Talk of the Town Concert, based on Karen's outfit and hair. The way it's been filmed makes you feel as though you're jamming with the band sometimes (I'd be on spoons). I love the additional vocals at 1.25 as well. It might be the best up close footage of Karen's drumming I've seen and yet it's only had just over 3000 views!


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I watched this one recently as well and thought it was one I hadn’t seen. I love the way Karen looks right at the camera and acknowledges the filming. Also that it highlights Richard also, because so often he’s shown as just one of the band.

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I thought this might be appropriate for this thread also. I enjoy Fil's blog on You-Tube. He is a musician himself and examines mostly guitar driven work of other artists and groups,, but today is taking a look at the drumming of Karen.

He is a few years younger than I am, and it shows another generations appreciation for the timeless artistry of Karen Carpenter.


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Sort of Part II. Fil is so passionate about music and singing! This is really a good listen.

If you watch this on You-Tube look at all the positive comments in such a short time. Besides here on the "corner" there is love for this artist. It's like she's come full circle.



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This guy is impressive in both musical knowledge and the ability to provide insight in a teachable way that even a novice can understand. I should have some T shirts made up with Karen's photo along with "the money is in the basement" phrase!

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These are nice videos from Fil...He either really did his homework or he is a Carpenters fan. I enjoyed his perspective into Karen's drumming and singing. It's great to see younger people appreciate Karen's ability and as he said she was a one off. The only sad part is this younger generation must watch terrible resolution and choppy videos of Karen drumming and singing. She deserves to be seen and heard in the highest quality. Nice uplifting videos for a change. :) Thanks for posting.


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I've been watching Fil for awhile, and he has been expanding his scope of video subjects for some time. He started with just guitar. Then to band interplay etc. I loved seeing the K centric vids and his comments. Plus his thoughts on Tony Peluso were great.
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