A little tweak at Universal?

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  1. Harry

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    I was uploading the information on Herb's RE-WHIPPED promotional Advance CD to Discogs yesterday and I took a scan of the actual CD itself.


    It's not terribly clear, but on this CD, you can read the printing around the hub (on the right side here) that says, "MFG BY UNIVERSAL", printed backwards. Now, understand that this hub printing is NOT on the actual CD, but is part of the screened artwork that's printed on the face of the disc.

    The actual printing around the hub on the other side has the disc's catalog number, PRO-00023 and some other numbers, but not that line about Universal. What I find odd is that this disc was a Shout! disc through Sony, so why would anyone include anything about Universal, unless it was some sort of in-joke or tweak?
  2. Actorman

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    Universal Manufacturing & Logistics was a CD manufacturer owned by Universal Music Group. It was in business until the mid-2000s. It pressed discs for all labels, not just Universal-owned ones. It was probably made there.
  3. Harry

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    That's fine, but you're not getting what I'm trying to impart: the MFG BY UNIVERSAL (backwards) is part of the CD's artwork. It's screened in with the artwork and does NOT appear on the other side as actual hub verbiage. Usually, if you see backwards printing on a hub, you can turn the disc over to read it properly, but in this case it's not there.

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