A&M Cover Versions 1965-70: "Something"

Which cover version is your favourite?

  • Joe Cocker

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • George Benson

    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • Claudine Longet

    Votes: 4 40.0%

  • Total voters


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  • Vote for your favourite cover version and tell us a bit about why you made your selection. (The selections are listed in release order.)
  • Note: This is our final installment (although I did miss one from early on, which I will post next week). For the following and subsequent weeks, I have a few notable "Two-Artist Shootouts" from the same time period to post that may be of interest. Stay tuned…


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Had to go with George here, even though it's not a Benson album I'd choose to listen to very often.


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I vote for Benson on this I love this Beatles classic and I have it by others as well as the fab four

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From ABC "Music Scene" (December 1969) Hosted by David Steinberg, the late Joe Cocker's version:


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I like hearing Harrison's song from the female perspective -- there's something about the role reversal that's inviting. I like Benson, of course, and do concede his version is better from a purely musical standpoint; however, I'm voting for my favourite here. Cocker's singing style has never appealed to me and at this late age, safe to say I'll never warm to it.
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