A&M Cover Versions 1965-70: "Wanderlove"

Which cover version is your favourite?

  • Claudine Longet

    Votes: 10 100.0%
  • The Sandpipers

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Judith Durham

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Oh, Mr. Bill, I do have a similar Claudine story -- though not as exciting as yours. (I must say, I'm quite impressed that you had all 5 LPs way back in '82.)

It was round about 1999 and I had a tile layer working in my kitchen. He showed up and Claudine's 1st release was playing. I casually asked him if the music was OK -- to which he replied it was fine... Lo and behold after about 15 minutes he came up to me and politely asked if I had something else...I actually laughed and said that what I had on was not everyone's cup of tea, which was why I initially asked...I asked him what he'd like to hear and he said "anything" šŸ„“. Owing to his emerging state of despair and sizing him up, I switched to Cream. He seemed satisfied.


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Claudine's music is an acquired taste and Not Every one can acquire it ( I discovered her stuff in the mid 80s and I was continually bullied by neighbors who either wanted Metal or Country and nothing else the poor souls they didn't know what they were missing.


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All this talk lately about Claudine Longet and who should show up on last night's episode of COMBAT? Yep. She apparently had a bit of a career playing the WWII French waif in series like COMBAT, 12 O'CLOCK HIGH, HOGAN'S HEROES, McHALE'S NAVY, and THE RAT PATROL.

12 Longet.JPG


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Easily Claudine. I always thought Wanderlove rivaled Hello Hello for the best song on her first A&M lp. The best thing about her version is the cool creative arrangement... REALLY well done! After Claudine, I would say Judith's version is second best. The Sandpipers drag this song down to a turtle's crawl. A slightly faster tempo would have been a great improvement.
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