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A&M Records and Bob Edmondson

Discussion in 'The Beat of The Brass: Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass' started by Aaron Bitman, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Aaron Bitman

    Aaron Bitman Member Thread Starter

    When doing research on Alpert, I have found this web page...

    <URL deleted>

    …to be a valuable resource, but sometimes, I feel some doubt about its information.

    For instance, I heard that Bob Edmondson was there with Herb at the very start, since he first recorded the song “The Lonely Bull.” But that site gives no indication that Edmondson had anything to do with Alpert before a certain Baja Marimba Band session. The site claims that the trombonists in that first recording session, for “The Lonely Bull” and “Acapulco 1922,” were Lew McCreary and David Wells. It doesn’t list Edmondson for any TJB recording session prior to “Whipped Cream.”

    Do you think the page is right about that? Do you think that site’s information is reliable in general?
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  2. No, much on that other site is not as well researched as stuff on this site.
  3. Aaron Bitman

    Aaron Bitman Member Thread Starter

    Okay, I apologize for any faux pas I may have committed. Please let me just retreat to the main question: Could anyone please point me to some evidence to prove my belief that Bob Edmondson was on board at the beginning? Or could someone claim that I'm wrong in believing that?
  4. It's an easy trap to fall into and we've dealt with it before. No biggy.
  5. Aaron Bitman

    Aaron Bitman Member Thread Starter

    Huh. And that page also says Lew McCreary and Dave Wells. So maybe I was wrong.

    Thank you for your prompt reply!
  6. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    You know what would be cool -- a collection of links to all the review pages, and pages that show those musician credits. It's hard to find that kind of thing in the archives sometimes because you get too many results from a search.
  7. The "first song" (at least to my ears) which has always seemed textbook-Bob-sounding, is: Lollipops and Roses (to close WC&OD)...like a foreshadowing of a "real group" *about* to happen.
    I mean, you can say the same about the drumming as well: you KNOW when Nick steps in. Hal Blaine, in all honesty, sounds very INdistinct --- but, when Nick was hired: suddenly the drums become a DRIVING FORCE in the songs' arrangements; (now) as DISTINCTIVE as Herb having found his own Buddy Rich or Dino Danelli.

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