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A "Slab" Of Herb

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For more madness at eBay, take a look at the piece of concrete that Herb supposedly etched his name in some years ago. The starting bid is at $200 (or you can just buy it now for $300!). While I've collected some unusual stuff of Herb's over the years, I think I draw the line on this one. :rolleyes: I think this is the second time around for this auction.

If you really want to blow some bucks, there's a video of "The Very Best Of Herb Alpert" starting at $100 (Reserve not yet met). Ah, summer brings out all of the loonies. :D

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I noticed a rather large crop of the rarer Alpert/TJB CDs on the list recently - like SRO, BEYOND, WHAT NOW MY LOVE, SOUTH OF THE BORDER and the more common GOING PLACES and WHIPPED CREAM. All that plus the video that you mentioned. It seems that someone in Japan is selling off their collection, along with a few other fortune-seekers here in the US.

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