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A Song to Calm


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Given the current unrest in our country, What Carpenter's song would you play from your home if it could then magically reach everyone to help promote calm and respect?
I was listening to the most recent RPO version of Hurting Each Other and the thought came to me.


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"Sailing on the Tide" for an uplifting and breezy vibe and I would choose "I Won't Last a Day Without You" if I have to get into a serious mood here!

Martin Medrano

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How about sweet sweet smile. If i could share this song with everyone i would. I like the lyric i always whisper a little prayer.

Martin Medrano

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ooh how about the 1980 medley with sing,knowing when to leave,someday,we've only just begun. I personally like someday from this medley. I wish they had re recorded someday
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