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This album looks like it was released in Germany and other areas in Europe. (There's another album with a similar title and cover from Canada, too, apparently.)

The track list on the Europe/Germany edition is:

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassGotta Lotta Livin' To Do
Chris MontezSunny
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66*Constant Rain
Claudine LongetHello Hello
The SandpipersStrangers In The Night
Baja Marimba BandBorn Free
Baja Marimba BandHeads Up!
Chris MontezBecause Of You
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66*Day Tripper
The SandpipersThings We Said Today
Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart*I Should Be Going Home
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana BrassIn A Little Spanish Town

My question is about the very first track. In some listings on Discogs, the first track seems to have two parts, and Intro comprised of a portion of "A Taste Of Honey" and then "Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do."

I don't own this comp, but was inspired by the mysterious first track, so I took the opening of "A Taste Of Honey" and just where the kick drum would start, I appended the full "Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do". Surprisingly, this sort of works. To those who may own it, is that how it was done on this album?
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