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Hi folks,

I just checked this website about the wellknown guitar player James Burton
About James Burton » The James Burton Foundation
In the list of artists he played with we'll also find Herb's name. Is that correct?
Is there anyone of you having more information about this?
Thanks in advance for further details.



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Burton was a member of The Wrecking Crew, and they played on a lot of TJB recordings, so I'd start there...I know Carol Kaye was involved heavily on the South Of The Border album, and she has her own website. You might try there.


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James did an instrumental album for A&M that was paid for by none other that ELVIS PRESLEY!!! You see, James was a part of the band that Elvis put together when Elvis was making his concert comeback in 1969 in Vegas, and to return the favor, I think Elvis talked to A&M to help get James a record deal there. According to a book that I read about Elvis, Elvis paid for the recording sessions, but all the musicians got ungodly drunk so of course the resulting album was a lackluster effort. I think Randy Badazz(Herb's nephew) made a comment about this here on the forum, and he said that when Elvis came on the A&M lot, there was a lot of excitement and buzz about his arrival there.

Herb has also said that Elvis recorded at A&M, but he didn't bother him because he didn't want to take up Presley's time, but maybe Herb is confusing Elvis' visit to the A&M lot when he was coordinating the sessions for Burton.
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