1. TallPaulInKy

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    I recently picked up a used stereo copy of the Bill Justis album, "12 Smash Instrumental Hits" in my effort to obtain all of Bill Justis Lps. He did a series of instrumental albums that were basically his arrangements of current hits. This particular album contains the song Acapulco 1922. I am wondering if anyone else recorded the song?
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  2. Captain Bacardi

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    Obviously, the Baja Marimba Band did it. There was also an album by Laurindo Almeida and the Bossa Nova All-Stars (or something like that) who also recorded the song.

    Capt. Bacardi
  3. Rudy

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    That's the correct group--the albums is Olé Bossa Nova, Capitol T/ST-1872, second in a series of three albums with the same group of west coast musicians.
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  4. It also appeared on the Five-LP Reader's Digest set

    Tijuana: Fun with the Mexican Brass.

  5. nacog

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    Kenny ball, of Midnight in Moscow fame, recorded it too.
  6. Harry

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    I just stumbled on a singer named Kathy Kirby who did a vocal version of "Acapulco 1922".

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  7. Shane

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    I'm sure a lot of the uber-fans on this board know about a song by Dore Alpert called "Little Lost Lover". It came out on the RCA Victor label in 1962. It has the same chords, a similar melody line, and Herb even busts his trumpet out in the fade. The youtube clip, listed below, cuts the end off a little sooner than the original 45.

    It's funny, I pulled the 45 out of one of my boxes tonight, listened to it, and was immediately reminded of this thread... I think I had pretty much ignored the record when I first picked it up a few years ago. The writer of this tune is shown as Ray Stanley on the original 45. The writer of Acapulco 1922 is shown as Eldon Allan.

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  8. Steven J. Gross

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    Good stuff!
  9. Bobberman

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    I own a CD two fer with The first two of the three albums it was an import CD but it sounded great it also had a few bonus tracks that Almeida did with Bud Shank very well done

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