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Ah, the 60s.

...well the first half anyways...Man, I had to bail after about 40 sec. My only question: which Western European country was responsible for that bit of timely showbiz?

Anyway, one can divide the '60s into the following convenient historically accurate segments:
1960-62 -- "The 1950s...continued"
1963-64 -- "Bob Dylan"
1964-66 -- "Baby boomer musical transition and swingin' London"
1967 -- "Mass media fascination with hippies, drugs, psychedelia and Barbara Eden"
1968-69 -- "The age of Aquarius and the end of innocence"
1969-70 -- "Goodbye Sinatra, Hello Zappa; Goodbye tubes, Hello solid state...and the transition to smooooth '70s music"


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WHERE THE ACTION IS was a daytime ABC show produced by Dick Clark for the after-school teenagers. 4:30 PM Eastern.
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