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Official Review [Album]: "A KIND OF HUSH" (SP-4581)


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I was still a pre-teen when 'A Kind of Hush' and 'I Need To Be In Love' were singles but was already a huge fan and was very aware of chart action, keeping up with the Top 40 each week and listening to the radio every day.

With a pre-teen sort of approach to music, I at first connected better at the time with the upbeat vibe of 'There's a Kind of Hush' than with the slower, adult-orientated 'I Need to Be In Love'.

I already had hits like 'For All We Know', 'Yesterday Once More', 'Goodbye to Love', 'It's Going to Take Some Time', 'Sing', 'Hurting Each Other', 'Top Of the World', 'I Won't Last a Day', 'Please Mr. Postman', 'Only Yesterday' and 'Solitaire' indelibly stamped on my mind by then and, on the first couple of listens, was a bit disappointed with 'I Need to Be In Love'. I didn't think it was catchy enough and thought it dragged. However, I soon got into the song as it climbed the American charts, was a bit disappointed in its low peak and by the time I bought the 'A Kind of Hush' album the following year, loved the recording.

From that time to this, 'I Need to Be In Love' has been one of Carpenters' songs that I think is unbeatable. Having said that, I do like the 'Bruce Forsyth Show' live version of the song. My opinion since adulthood has been that 'I Need To Be In Love' is in an entirely different class and realm from 'A Kind of Hush'.

By the way, even though 'Solitaire' was slower in tempo as well, it never occurred to me that it was too slow. I was immediately captivated and mesmerised by that song on first listen, with the chills and goosebumps, etc. That recording, for me, has always been magical, from first listen until now.


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I keep going back to this album ! Once I get started, I am unable to stop.... certain folks are disappointed with the album for being too soft, too elevator, too muzak....call it what you will. But, I listen to a song like
I Can't Smile Without You (which "fits" perfectly on the HUSH album):
Barry's version, as we all know, was a top hit-single---he took a "sad" song and turned it around into a rousing anthem.
Where Carpenters' concluded their version with that 'whistle,' Barry brought it to the the start of the song.
Where Carpenters' had their usual background harmonies in the "right" places, Barry changed that.
Where Carpenters' had subtle piano and strings, Barry has an overbearing piano, clapping, and has altered the harmony segments.
Karen and Richard presented a subtle, sad and beautiful version. Barry presented a rousing, loud, almost happy song.
I find it painful to listen to Barry's version ( just my personal preference).
Watch Barry here:
and here:
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I listen to a song like I Can't Smile Without You (which "fits" perfectly on the HUSH album)
I can’t stand any version of this song. It’s got too much of a novelty feel to it for me to enjoy it, similar to The Rainbow Connection and Sing.


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^^One of the things that bugged me about
Rainbow Connection
--when it first came out on the As Time Goes By cd---
was its sequencing after the powerful song
California Dreamin'

That placement merely reinforced the weakness of the arrangement for
Rainbow Connection,
but...it did emphasize the evolution of Karen Carpenter's vocals, from 1967 to 1980.
So, I do not consider Rainbow Connection a novelty, I do not consider any of their songs as novelties---
simply different from each other: diversity.
As I have detailed elsewhere, the song Sing
is brilliant.


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So, if you really want a terrible version of
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, look no further than
The Partridge Family:


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Yep. It was their last really good hit record. They actually had a couple of good albums and a few really nice radio friendly top 40 hits. I still have all my vinyl and CDs to listen to occasionally. I saw the Cowsills whom they were fashioned after last Saturday night. RIP David.

AM Matt

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Partridge Family remake went to # 28 (Billboard Hot 100) in August of 1972 & # 30 on Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart. That song is on the 3rd season when Danny wants to win in the horse derby which is the episode "Nag, Nag, Nag" & the Partridges play at the carnival fair. There is a STEREO version on "Playlist: The Best Of The Partridge Family" appearing for the first time!! Also the song "I'm On The Road" (from 1970 "The Partridge Family Album") sounds MONO but if you hear it in headphones, it is STEREO. Matt Clark Sanford, MI

AM Matt

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Speaking of The Cowsills, I downloaded on itunes their final album "On My Side" on London Records (went to exactly # 200 for 1 week on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts) on May 8, 1971. The MONO 45 single "On My Side" (single edited 45 single ran 2:30 & went to # 108 in April of 1971) while the stereo album version ran 3:00 because of instrumental guitar playing near the end of the song!! It is a must have for Cowsills fans!! The Cowsills in 1971 broke up because of poor record sales. Reunited in 1999 for "Global". Bill & Barry have died as well as their mom Barbara who died in 1985. Matt Clark Sanford, MI
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