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⭐ Official Review [Album]: "HORIZON" (SP-4530)


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I Know My First Name Is Stephen
To me it sounds like an attempt to double her vocals by laying one copy on top of itself, slightly delayed, but at the same speed. This creates that unnatural sound that borders on phasing, as one sound beats against the other, creating slight cancelling of some frequencies to one degree or another.

So working on that assumption, it means the lead was doubled, but artificially by him and not naturally by Karen herself. Why do this though if Karen was there at the time to double it herself? He used this same artificial technique on Tryin’ To Get The Feeling Again when mixing it posthumously, but the end result was nowhere near as pronounced.

I wonder why he didn’t fix that at the time the album was made then?

Ignore my previous comment - I didn’t notice that he said they ran out of time. It’s a pretty glaring error to leave unfixed th


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Richard’s explanation may be answered with the new computer system first used with Horizon. He said once during an interview in 1975 with Horizon, documented in Randy’s Yesterday Once More book, that he did not like what the computer did so then they Went back and mixed and finalized by hand. But For this discussion, he said it was something in the tape during this more current interview. With that being almost 45 years ago and those engineers no longer with us, you may be right Harry. I have always liked the phasing for Karen, accident or not, for she had a voice made for use of studio effects OR not to use effects. It was just an great instrument with a great tone! Plus, I will always feel that this song would have been a better summer release for Horizon.


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It is interesting to listen to the three Horizon singles sequentially (in one sitting):
Please Mr. Postman followed by Only Yesterday followed by Solitaire.
If you could not get "hooked" on the Carpenters by listening to them that way, then...
I am at a loss for words or reasons !
Three brilliant Carpenters' recordings.


Ah am so steel een luv weeth yoo
Well, Richard also say that the "effect" on the song "Get Together" was not intentional.
I don't understand how that can be, either.

That's pretty dubious to me. The tremolo on Richard's voice is pretty extreme and based on what I know, that'd be pretty hard to accidentally make that happen.



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A&M Retro, I will dig up the exact quote regarding the song Get Together.
It originates from the 1975 A&M Compendium interview with Richard.

A&M Retro

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If you’re talking Offering, all the bouncing of vocal and orchestral tracks gives it a muddier sound. Minimal choices back then.


Yeah, it’s not nearly as clean-sounding as the albums that came after it. I’m sure some of that has to do with the Specrum-era 4-track tape sources used on several tracks, as well. Interestingly, the tracks on Side Two seem a little cleaner than those on Side One.


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If you’re talking Offering, all the bouncing of vocal and orchestral tracks gives it a muddier sound. Minimal choices back then.

Even with bouncing, if your levels are too high, your going to get distortion. Yes in the analog world you can go above 0db, but that’s when you run into distortion territory.

But still, by 1969 4-track tape had been around for 14 (8-track had been introduced in 1955 by Ampex) years, and many groups, like the Beach Boys were using 4-track machines for such Classic albums as Pet Sounds and they don’t sound “muddy” and distorted.


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WOW, I can't believe I missed this one, it appears A&M placed 2 different ads for Please Mr. Postman in Billboard (one I posted above) and now this one issued in Dec 21, 1974 well ahead of the album Horizon ever being issued. I like this one!!!!
Check out the promo verbiage...."Special Delivery First Class on A&M Records From CARPENTERS

One of the most alluring shots of Karen ever.


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I cut it out of the magazine and had it pasted on my wall for years! Such a beautiful and sexy picture of Karen. Thanks for posting for all to see.
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