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Official Review [Album]: "LOVELINES" (SP-3931)


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Another Son

Well-Known Member
'Honolulu City Lights' is another of my favourite Carpenters tracks. I don't know if anyone has mentioned that the fan club was selling the single in the 80s. I'm fairly sure that I received mine from the club in 1986. That was the first time I had heard the song and loved it at first hear. It's something a bit different - the guitar intro, the relatively simple vocal arrangement with just one track of Karen singing, the story-telling feel and, of course, the visions of Hawaii. And, naturally, Karen's vocal is beautiful. It was great, at that time, to be able to get the single as I'm fairly certain it wasn't released in Australia... although it was later to be heard on the 'Lovelines' album.

Another Son

Well-Known Member
I'm still not at all clear why 'Honolulu City Lights' was released as a single in the US in the first place. The fan club newsletter from early 1987 states that it was released as part of the A&M 'Memories' series, which has the ring of being a reissue line of old hits on the label - is that right? If so, that would seem even more strange...
I've got a single of 'Honolulu City Lights' with 'When You've Got What it Takes' on the 'B' side. I was wondering if the song had been released on two separate pressings around the same time in the US but just looked up on the internet and discovered that this is a Japanese release.

I actually think that the 'Memories' version of 'Honolulu City Lights' in the US may have been released mainly for the fans.....and maybe to try out to see whether there was a re-surgence in interest in unreleased material, following the semi-success of the 1984 and 1985 'Yesterday Once More' compilation albums and video. Yes, I agree that it's a bit strange that it was released straight to the 'Memories' label.
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