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⭐ Official Review [Album]: "OFFERING"/"TICKET TO RIDE" (SP-4205)

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Look at the resource page for OFFERING. Pics are all there.



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A few ads here from the L.A. Times, November 1969.
Interesting to see what other A&M releases were out there at the time (listened to a few bits of the Electronic Hair Pieces album, awesome stuff! :cool: ).
Also interesting to see a "retouched" version of the cover, which almost had me thinking that perhaps another layout was used a 4-track tape release or cassette (if these actually exist??). I guess they just wanted people to see the title and label clear enough on the "thumbnail"?

A&M Albums in L.A. Times, November 2nd, 1969

Ad in L.A. Times, November 13, 1969

Ad for Discount Record Center Stores (retouched cover) in L.A. Times, November 30, 1969

And here's a review from early 1970:

Review in the Journal And Courier (Lafayette), February 27, 1970 (that date though!! :D )

Personal standouts from their debut album are without a doubt "All I Can Do" (love Karen's jazzy drumming, their harmonies and the 5/4 beat), but also "Clancy" (very nice vocals from Richard plus his awesome Wurlitzer solo at the end), "Invocation" (love those harmonies, Karen's falsetto voice works really well for this nearly-medieval sounding piece), "Someday" (just lovely, like a dream :love:), "All Of My Life" (Karen on bass :love:).

Other pleasant tracks for me are "Get together" (I actually like the psychedelic effects with the faders in the verses, especially with Karen's voice added), "Turn away" (love Karen's "wah pah papa padahh.." and the tempo changes), "What's the use" (classic line: "Lying around here on the ground is as close to getting up as I can go" :D) and "Your Wonderful Parade" (although I sometimes skip the intro - sorry Richard!) and the shorter single version of "Ticket To Ride".

Greg, listening to the Ticket To Ride UK cassette (greenish plastic) now :phones:

David A

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These are fun reads, thanks for sharing.

In the first listed review, the article goes on to discuss another new artist, female - and says "a pretty gal"...oh my, how times have changed :rolleyes:
My pleasure :)
Fun indeed to see the way people wrote or spoke back then. Listening to a lot of radioshows from late 1969 to early 1970, hoping to find one that played "Ticket To Ride" (CKLW from Detroit is on now) :phones:
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