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Official Review [Album]: "VOICE OF THE HEART" (SP-4954)


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Richard writes: "Karen asked John and I to write a cross between a standard and a show tune."
That song was requested 1974.
I think Look To Your Dreams is an incredible song for its time (1974).
The vocals by Karen, early 1978, are simply gorgeous.


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My point is this:
Richard and John were not in their regular milieu with this song, Look To Your Dreams.
So, for whatever that is worth, they did fine. I give them a pass as they were out of their 'pop' element, and they did fine with it.
Congratulations to them for trying something different.

A&M Retro

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Wow.! I think the lyrics are some of the most intelligent in the Carpenters canon! Amazing how we all hear different things. Karen sings them with such meaning. It's one of the songs she does where you REALLY pay attention to the words. The opening phrase is so well written and sophisticated. I agree with Harry that it's intentionally old-fashioned. Kind of a throwback to the '40s, when lyrics were superior to what came after it.


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Look To Your Dreams:
How many composer/lyricist teams can come up with..."a cross between a standard and a show tune" !
I would like to see and hear a comparable song, by a pop artist, that comes close to what they (Richard, John and Karen) achieved.
Peter Knight's arrangement is great, also.

John Adam

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Richard was such a throwback to those days in many ways, that I'm sure he intentionally wanted to structure "Look To Your Dreams" that way. So the old-fashioned lyrics from John Bettis fit perfectly there.
Karen just sings it so fluidly and gives feeling to those lines and binds them.
Her voice has no apologies to make at all. She sounds great on it.
Congratulations to them for trying something different.
On a really un-cohesive collection of tracks, "Look To Your Dreams" really makes it end well. I don't think it would of worked on any other album, including Lovelines. I think it found it's home on Voice Of The Heart, along with all the other misfit tracks we have been lucky enough to have all these years..........

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One thing is for sure....
You can hear the smile on Karen’s face as she’s singing this song. The initial word in 1983 from Richard was that ‘Now’ was one of Karen’s finest performances ever. But when my college fraternity roommate heard the album, he said, ‘That last song is better than all of them. You sure he didn’t mean that one?’
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