AOTW Amy Grant LEAD ME ON (A&M SP 5199)

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    1 1974 Written-By – Gary Chapman 4:22
    2 Lead Me On Written-By – Michael W. Smith 5:35
    3 Shadows Written-By – Don Peris, Karen Peris 5:24
    4 Saved By Love Written-By – Chris Smith (23), Justin Peters 4:38
    5 Faithless Heart Written-By – Michael W. Smith 5:10
    6 What About The Love Written-By – Janis Ian, Kye Fleming 5:23
    7 If These Walls Could Speak Written-By – Jimmy Webb 5:42
    8 All Right Written-By – Dann Huff, Phil Naish 4:23
    9 Wait For The Healing Written-By – Gary Chapman, Wayne Kirkpatrick 5:36
    10 Sure Enough Written-By – Mike Brignardello, Shane Keister, Wayne Kirkpatrick 4:00
    11 If You Have To Go Away Written-By – Jerry McPherson 4:01
    12 Say Once More Written-By – Gardner Cole 4:54

    Entered the Billboard Top 200 on July 23, 1988
    Charted for 13 weeks and peaked at # 71
    The title song reached # 96 as a single.
    Available as CD 5199

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    A couple of years ago I went on a buying spree searching out genuine A&M releases of Amy's albums. My copy of LEAD ME ON has the A&M label but also has a CRC indicating a Columbia Record Club pressing. The SPARS code on this disc is "ddd"
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    This is one of Amy Grant's best albums IMO along with all her previous works before this" Lead me on" Saved By Love " and What About The Love are my favorite standouts on this one I first heard this back in the late 80s along with her "Collection" albums and they were my introduction to Amy Grant other than her 85 hit Find A Way which is where I first heard of her
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    Agreed, this is one of her best, if not the best album in her catalog (IMHO). In fact, I just listened to this album this week while commuting to work and back. I particularly like the repeating chorus at the end of "Shadows", the violin solo on "Wait For the Healing" and the overall mood of "Sure Enough". There's really not one song on the album that isn't at least listenable. A well-crafted work from Amy.
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