An interesting discovery - early UK Stateside albums


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I had always believed that the 1964 UK Stateside label compilation "Sounds Tijuana" was released with two different front covers, but I have now discovered that there were two different albums. The first - SL 10176 - Contained: (Side 1) Acapulco 1922; Mexican Corn; Desafinado; Mexican Drummer Man; The Great Manolete; Numero Cinco; Surfin' Senorita (Side 2) The Mexican Shuffloe; Winds of Barcelona; Crawfish; Marching Thru Madrid; Struttin' with Maria; The Green Leaves of Summer; Limbo Rock; Swinger from Seville

The second version was titled "Sounds of Tijuana" (subtle difference) and tracklisting was the same EXCEPT "More" replaced "Mexican Drummer Man"; "Mexico" replaced "Numero Cinco"; and "America" replaced "The Mexican Shuffle".

I'm guessing this may have been because at this point A&M switched licences from EMI to Pye Records and EMI no longer had rights to these three tracks. However, it does mean that !Mexican Drummer Man" did appear on an album - I'd hitherto understood that it didn't.

The first version only appears to have been released in mono; however I think a stereo version was issued in India. Not sure whether "Drummer Man" and "Mexican Shuffle" were stereo or not.


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Yes Tony, that's correct. I found a copy of SOUNDS TIJUANA a few years ago. My purchase was specifically to have "Mexican Drummer Man" on an album, hoping for some great audio reveal, but it sounds no different from the 45 I own. In fact, I think the 45 might sound a little "fuller".
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