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Another interesting find

Discussion in 'Look Around: Sergio Mendes/Brazilian Music Forum' started by JMK, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. JMK

    JMK Well-Known Member Contributor Thread Starter

    Just got a really interesting PR packet tied to the release of the first B66 album. It includes an eight page write up which was obviously done by Derek Taylor, though he isn't credited, and from which the album's Taylor liner notes were excerpted.
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  2. Would love to see some scans if you get the time.
  3. JMK

    JMK Well-Known Member Contributor Thread Starter

    Here ya go--interesting that the first single is listed as The Joker/Mas Que Nada, like maybe The Joker was initially planned to be the A side. I remember seeing an old Mike Douglas Show that had Anthony Newley on with Sergio and Newley thanked Sergio for having the largest selling version of The Joker.

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  4. Thanks for that, Jeffrey.
  5. lj

    lj Active Member

    This was terrific to read. Thanks for posting JMK. For me it brings back great memories of 1966. From the very start Brasil 66 received a lot of radio airplay and performed a number of times here in San Diego--perhaps because of San Diego's close proximity to the A&M Records HQ in LA. There was a San Diego AM radio station--KDEO--that switched formats in 1966 from Top 40 to Easy Listening All Request, and during the summer "Mas Que Nada" was constantly being played. Also I remember as I started my High School Senior year in September 1966, Brasil 66 was performing at a local night club called Shifty's. Then in October they performed at the San Diego Community Concourse convention hall. I never saw them live in '66, but their new musical sound was quite intriguing back then.

    Could you imagine if Herb and Jerry released onto YouTube or DVD one of those live concerts with the TJB and B66 back in '66! But that's wishful thinking as Herb was a perfectionist when it came to acoustics and sound at his concerts and probably no video was ever saved. More recently in 2008 at one of Herb's and Lani's earliest concerts stops--The Anthology in San Diego--all the video tape recording equipment was set up, but later no video was ever shown. Correct me if I am wrong, isn't the short segment from the the 1969 TJB concert in London which I saw on YouTube years ago all that we have of a live performance by the Brass?
  6. Captain Bacardi

    Captain Bacardi Well-Known Member Moderator

    There is a brief live performance at the end of the TJB's The Brass Are Comin' TV special, where they play "Lonely Bull" plus a medley of TJB hits.
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