Any future Promotion of Richard's new Solo Album and The Musical Legacy Book


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There is so much love around the world for Richard and of course the Carpenters. When Richard did the One Show in the UK, he played out a solo piece as tribute to Bill Withers. The audience just loved watching Richard at the piano during the promotion of the RPO album.

Are there any future plans for promotion abroad with Richard, Chris and Mike. Richard doing some promotional solo music for his album.

I understand covid may be a huge factor here, yet both projects deserve to be known to a wider audience. Yet TV does help and his new album really needs to be thrust into the spotlight as well as the outstanding Musical Legacy Book.

I am so grateful for both projects and would love nothing more than another Richard solo project. Those arrangements he put together are so original without losing the essence of their origin versions. How could you make something even more intimate and grabs the ear. Yep have Richard create solo interpretations of his and Karen's songs.

I also wondered what songs almost made it on to the album. There is not a song I do not love on his new record and it's on heavy rotation as its just stunning.

Did Chris and Mike wish there was more space to expand certain elements in the book and what would that be. Without the obligation of having to go into too much detail, you wished there were just a bit more space available in the book.
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