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Anybody else LOVE "Flamingo" by Herb Alpert & The TJB as much as I do?

Discussion in 'The Beat of The Brass: Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass' started by Harry S. Anchan, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. Harry S. Anchan

    Harry S. Anchan New Member Thread Starter

    Just one of my all-time favorite TJB songs.
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  2. I've come to really appreciate "Flamingo" in its mono form from the single or mono SRO.

    There's a noisy version of it here:

    I like the cohesiveness of the "wall of sound" in mono.
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  3. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    I always Enjoyed Herb's version of Flamingo i first heard it on the radio on a Station in Salt Lake City in 1977 when i was really starting to get into the TJB When the dj back announced it oh my i was excited unfortunately i wouldnt find an album with it until august 1980 when i finally got Greatest Hits Volume 2 on vinyl and little did i know until i got Solid Brass that it originally came out on S.R.O i loved the song already but Herb's" Wall of sound" approach really made it even better and i enjoy it even more today. It keeps me feeling a little younger.
  4. Nathan Strum

    Nathan Strum Member

    I always liked Flamingo. I thought the jingle bells sounded a bit "Christmasy" and that it would have fit in nicely with the Christmas Album.
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  5. Mike Blakesley

    Mike Blakesley Well-Known Member Moderator

    That's a song that hasn't aged well with me, for some reason. I think I'm sort of put off by the wall-of-sound aspect of it -- it doesn't sound like TJB to me. I feel the same about "Third Man Theme," which I have always liked but it's fallen out of my top favorites list.

    I still LIKE both of these songs but I wouldn't put them on a very-best-of-TJB compilation right now. Who knows, my view might change in time. There was a time when I didn't like any "slow" TJB songs... now many of the ballads are among my favorites.
  6. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    I agree Harry and i feel the same about the mono SRO album which im fortunate to have along with a CD needledrop and i can say Flamingo is an excellent closing track for the album and as i mentioned previously i also like the stereo version of Flamingo.
  7. Steven J. Gross

    Steven J. Gross Well-Known Member

    One of my favorites...
  8. Michael Hagerty

    Michael Hagerty Active Member

    Yes. Always have. I have never been a fan of the faux-mariachi stuff. The first TJB song I really loved was "Lollipops and Roses". KMPC in Los Angeles played it off the album. I was 9. I could take or leave "Tijuana Taxi" and "Spanish Flea", so when "Flamingo" came along in '66, I thought it was terrific.
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  9. alpertfan

    alpertfan Member

    I actually prefer the collaborative version with Jeff Lorber on Second Wind.
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  10. Rudy

    Rudy ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Site Admin


    Not Herb, but one of his TJB sidemen is featured... :wink:
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  11. Bobberman

    Bobberman Well-Known Member

    I have this one and its a great Exotica version And Good ol Julius plays those vibes and marimba with perfection. With Mr Denny leading the way on Piano.
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  12. Shane

    Shane Member

    Great tune, great arrangement, great closer to my favorite TJB album. And maybe I'm biased because I love Spector's wall of sound... which of course, hails from the same recording studio.

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