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Here's another obscure item, perhaps the weirdest yet. The Children of God (also known as the "Family") are a religious sect which got started in the late 60s. While they tried to draw hippies and dropouts away from drugs and alcohol, they attracted criticism for alleged mind control tactics and apocalyptic predictions which never came true (ex. an earthquake which was supposed to destroy CA in '69 but never happened).
Jeremy Spencer, a founding guitarist of Fleetwood Mac (pre-Buckingham/Nicks) disappeared during a U.S. tour after not showing up for an L.A. gig. He was found 5 days later, disoriented and with head shaved, holed up in the Family's warehouse-headquarters. After leaving the Mac he recorded under the COG name, with at least one album released on Columbia. The A&M album was never released, according to its producer, so Spencer's involvement isn't known. That producer was Marty Pekar, who is now a Grenwich Village NY-based record dealer (see "Steal a Record" auctions in 'Goldmine' magazine.)
I received written confirmation of SP 4231's non-release after winning a 45 in one of his auctions and including the COG album on my want list.
One 45, A&M # 1052, was released. It contains "This is Our Time" and "Fallen Angel."
Spencer remains active in the Family and has done some reunion dates with Fleetwood Mac.
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