AOTW: Dr. John - CITY LIGHTS (SP-732)

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Captain Bacardi

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Dr. John

A&M/Horizon SP-732


Released 1978

Format: Vinyl/Cassette/CD

Produced by Tommy Li Puma and Hugh McCracken
Assistant Producer: Christine Martin

  • 1. Dance The Night Away With You (Mac Rebennack/Doc Pomus) - 4:07
    2. Street Side (Mac Rebennack) - 6:01
    3. Wild Honey (Mac Rebennack/Bobby Charles Guidry) - 4:10
    4. Rain (Mac Rebennack) - 4:46
    5. Snake Eyes (Mac Rebennack) - 6:44
    6. Fire Of Love (Mac Rebennack/Alvin Robinson) - 3:58
    7. Sonata/He's A Hero (Mac Rebennack/Doc Pomus) - 5:20
    8. City Lights (Mac Rebennack/Doc Pomus) - 3:24

Dr. John (Mac Rebennack) - Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Gadd - Drums
Will Lee - Bass
Hugh McCracken - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Harmonica
John Tropea - Guitar
Richard Tee - Keyboards
Arthur Jenkins - Percussion
Ronnie Cuber - Baritone Sax
David Sanborn - Alto Sax
George Young - Tenor Sax
Barry Rogers - Trombone
Charlie Miller - Cornet
Neil Larsen - Organ (2, 6)
Buzz Feiten - Guitar Solo (5)
Plas Johnson - Tenor Sax (6, 7)
Alvin Batiste - Clarinet (7)
Background Vocals: Ronnie Barron, George Jones, Tammy Lynn, Alvin Robinson

Strings Arranged and Conducted by Claus Ogerman
Horn & Rhythm Arrangements by Hugh McCracken and Dr. John

Recorded at The Hit Factory, New York
Recorded by Hank Cicalo, Kevin Herron and Al Schmitt
Assistant Engineer: David Prentice
Mixed at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood
Mixed by Al Schmitt
Assistant Engineer: Don Henderson
Mastered at The Mastering Lab by Mike Reese
Recorded July & August, 1978

CD Re-release in 2000, pictured above (right) with alternate typography.

Capt. Bacardi


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Pretty much a more pop and R&B sort of outing for Dr. John, well-backed by New York studio greats, and able to carry out some good tunes, avoiding any clutter & competition from the backing, and a perfect, varying vehicle for his voice...

-- Dave

Captain Bacardi

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Pretty much sounds like the group Stuff is backing up Dr. John on this album. Not the best thing's he's ever done but pretty decent nonetheless.
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