AOTW: Gordon Michaels - STARGAZER (SP-737)

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Captain Bacardi

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Gordon Michaels

A&M/Horizon SP-737


Released 1979

Format: Vinyl/Cassette/8-Track

Produced by Hugh McCracken

  • 1. Stargazer - 4:07
    2. Monkey Mother - 3:15
    3. Indoor Lovers - 3:36
    4. This Is Love - 4:32
    5. Turnin' Brown - 3:13
    6. Find The Angle - 3:17
    7. Bermuda - 3:02
    8. Ugly Ramona - 3:40
    9. Danny Dies In Dublin - 3:48
    10. Favorite Songs - 3:21

    All music and lyrics composed by Gordon Michaels. All selections published by Koosah Music, Inc. (BMI) except "Favorite Songs", published by Clancy Music (BMI).

Gordon Michaels - Guitar, Piano, Arranger, Harmonium, Keyboards, Vocals, Oberheim
Richard Tee - Piano, Keyboards
Tony Levin - Bass, Chapman Stick
Rick Marotta - Drums
Hugh McCracken - Bass, Guitar, Harmonica, Arranger
Ed Walsh - Synthesizer, Programming, Oberheim
Mike Mainieri - Percussion, Marimba, String Arrangements
Arthur Jenkins - Percussion
Linda Reddwolf - Vocals, Harmony
Lisa Gilkyson - Vocals, Harmony
David Sanborn - Alto Sax
George Marge - Flute, English Horn
George Young - Flute
Bill Brown - French Horn
Guillermo Figueroa - Violin
Richard Hendrickson - Violin
Lucy Stoltzman - Violin
Judy Geist - Viola
Richard Sher - Cello
Fred Sherry - Cello
Ida Kavafian - Concertmaster

Engineer: Kevin Herron
Assistant Engineer: Scott MacPherson
Associate Engineer: Michael Getlin
Production Coordination: Christine Martin

Art Direction: Roland Young
Design: Chuck Beeson
Photography: Mark Hanauer

Capt. Bacardi


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Clever---but fairly forgettable--array of smooth Paul McCartney pop... Good stable of musicians, really give this "jazz" outing a fairly strong pop camouflage, though hardly made the dent on pop radio it should have, though still sports some nice grooves...

-- Dave
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