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🎵 AotW AOTW: L.T.D. - DEVOTION (SP-4771)

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A&M SP-4771


One on One 5:18
Share My Love 4:20
Stand Up L.T.D. 4:43
Say That You'll Be Mine 5:04


Dance 'N Sing 'N 5:32
Sometimes 3:09
Promise You'll Stay 3:20
Stranger 4:29
Feel It 3:44

Alvino M. Bennett - acoustic & electric drums
Lorenzo Carnegie - alto & tenor sax
Henry E. Davis - bass & flute
James E. Davis - acoustic piano, Yamiha electric piano, vocals, clavinet

John McGhee - guitar
Abraham "Onion" Miller, Jr. - tenor sax
Jeffrey L. Osborne - percussion & vocal
William M. Osborne - organ, vocals, Fender Rhodes, percussion

Jake Riley - trombone
Carle W. Vickers - trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, percussion

Bobby Martin - producer
Paul Shore - concert master
George MacMillan - asst. engineer
Roland Young - art direction

"Thanking the Creator for the gift of music, we dedicate this album with true devotion to everyone ... but especially to our devoted Mothers: Joan M. Bennett, Claretha Carnegie, Julia Johnson, Estella McGhee, Margarette Miller, Wanita Osborne, Viola Riley, Leola B. Trout and Evelyn Vickers. LTD: DEVOTE YOUR LIFE TO HARMONY. (liner notes)

Released in July 1979, peaked at # 29 and charted in the BillBoard Top 200 for 24 weeks
Available on CD via amazon.com



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I'll have to page my "twin" to answer this one for you, Bill... :wink:


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Did someone call my name? :D

By 1979, Jeffrey Osborne was pretty much the defacto lead singer for L.T.D., though Jeffrey's brother Billy did occasionally do some leads. When Jeffrey originally joined the band, he was the drummer and didn't sing at all. When they found out he could sing, he moved from behind the drum kit and was up front from then on.

"Devotion" is one of my favorite albums by the band. Though it didn't have a crossover smash like "Back In Love Again" two albums prior, this one's a very solid effort and is somewhat underrated. The singles released from the album included their one flirtation with disco "Dance 'N' Sing 'N" which is a great uptempo dance track, with great bass and rhythm guitar work from Henry Davis and John T. McGhee. Bobby Martin's string arrangement on the track is the icing on the cake, and is really the only thing to make the track sound disco-ish. Otherwise it's just "four on the floor funk"!! :D

"Stand Up L.T.D." is another strong track, as is the ballad "Share My Love". The one cut from this album that you still hear occasionally on R&B oldies and Quiet Storm radio is "Stranger" which was the second single released from the album. Great R&B ballad and it is a song that Osborne still performs live to this day.

"Devotion" did well saleswise going gold in the Fall of 1979, though it fell somewhat short of the platinum sales of the two previous albums "Something To Love" and "Togetherness". This album would also be Jeffrey Osborne's next to last album with the band. He left for a solo career after the release of "Shine On" in 1980.


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Thanks much, good sir! :roodytiphat: I never listened to L.T.D. that much, other than what may have played on radio. I think I'll need to cure that.
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