🎵 AOTW AOTW: Nazareth - NO MEAN CITY (SP-4741)

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A&M SP-4741


Pete Agnew - bass
Dan McCafferty - lead vocals
Darrell Sweet - drums
Manny Charlton & Zal Cleminson - guitars

Cover art by Rodney Matthews


Just to Get Into It 4:24
May the Sun Shine 4:55
Simple Solution (parts one & two) 4:59
Star 4:55

Claim to Fame 4:30
Whatever You Want Babe 3:42
What's in it for Me 4:19
No Mean City (parts one & two) 6:32

Available on CD via amazon. com
'NO MEAN CITY' entered the Billboard Top 200 on Feb. 3, 1979 and charted for 14 weeks, peaking at Number 88.



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The later Nazareth, of which without the punch of Hair Of The Dog, the experimentation of oldies like on Play 'N' The Game or the tendency to offer both such as on Close Enough For Rock 'N' Roll, this LP seemed to have very little appeal given there are no covers & to me the band had gravitated towards a more softer sound...

Isn't this one of the last A&M albums this group did? I did have 2XS, which I believe is one of the first for the next label Naz' moved onto, confirming the lack-luster running out of good ideas, later albums such as that went a long way towards confirming...


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Nazareth's next album was "Malice In Wonderland" (1980) which had "Holiday" & "Big Boy". Then came "The Fool's Circle" (1981) which included the remake of J.J. Cale "Cocaine" (also done by Eric Clapton) (recorded LIVE at the Saginaw Civic Center in Saginaw, Michigan which is NOW The Dow Event Center). Then in late 1981, they recorded a concert in Vancouver called "Snaz" (2 record set). Then in the Summer of 1982 came "2XS" which has "Love Leads To Madness" all on A&M. Matt Clark Sanford, MI


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Well, I could have sworn that Nazareth did move onto another label in the '80's but maybe I'm wrong, then...

Funny how I did make the leap to 2XS, bypassing a lot of their later works... Hair Of The Dog, Close Enough..., Play 'N'... and the Hot Tracks collection were really all I had, otherwise, & from when the band was really in its prime..

I'd heard that their first two LP's Nazareth and Exercises were on Warner Brothers & the group left the label just because they were unable to compete w/ Black Sabbath & Deep Purple...

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