AOTW: Quincy Jones - I HEARD THAT!! (SP-3705)

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Quincy Jones

A&M SP-3705


Released 1976
Peaked at #1 on the Jazz Charts, #16 on the R&B Albums Charts, #43 on the Top 200 Albums Charts

Format: Vinyl (2 LPs)/Cassette (2 Tapes)

Produced, Conducted and Arranged by Quincy Jones for Quincy Jones Productions
* Produced by Quincy Jones, Ray Brown and Phil Ramone
** Produced by Creed Taylor

  • 1. I Heard That!! (Quincy Jones/Dave Grusin) - 2:18
    2. Things Could Be Worse For Me (Charles May) - 4:35
    3. What Good Is A Song (Charles May) - 7:29
    4. You Have To Do It Yourself (from the PBS TV Show "REBOP") (Q. Jones/C. May/D. Pridgen) - 3:14
    5. There's A Train Leavin' (Q. Jones/C. May) - 4:13
    6. Midnight Soul Patrol (Q. Jones/L. Johnson/D. Grusin) - 4:12
    7. Brown Soft Shoe (Ray Brown) - 4:44
    8. Superstition (Stevie Wonder) - 3:15
    9. Summer In The City (J. Sebastian/S. Boone/M. Sebastian) - 4:18
    10. Is It Love That We're Missin' (G. Johnson/D. Smith) - 3:54
    11. Body Heat (Q. Jones/L. Ware/B. Fisher/S. Richardson) - 4:00
    12. If I Ever Lose This Heaven (L. Ware/P. Sawyer) - 3:32
    13. Killer Joe (Benny Golson) - 4:06 *
    14. Gula Matari (Quincy Jones) - 6:54 **
    15. Theme From "The Anderson Tapes" (Quincy Jones) - 5:06 *
    16. Walking In Space (G. MacDermot/G. Ragni/J. Rado) - 7:12 **

Keyboards/Synthesizers: Quincy Jones, Paul Beaver, Malcolm Cecil, George Duke, Dave Grusin, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Edd Kalehoff, Eddie Louis, Robert Margouleff, Billy Preston, Bobby Scott, Michael Boddicker
Synthesizer Programming: Malcolm Cecil, Paul Beaver, Robert Margouleff
Guitars: Eric Gale, George Johnson, Louis Johnson, Melvin "Wah Wah" Watson, Jean "Toots" Thielemans
Basses: Ray Brown, Stanley Clarke, Ron Carter, Richard Davis, Major Holley, Louis Johnson, Carol Kaye, Chuck Rainey, James Jamerson, Alphonso "Slim" Johnson
Drums: Billy Cobham, Paul Humphrey, Harvey Mason, Grady Tate, James Gadson
Percussion: Eddie "Bongo" Brown, George Devens, Don Elliot, Bobbye Hall Porter, Ralph MacDonald, Harvey Mason, Warren Smith
Vibes: Milt Jackson
Harmonica: Jean "Toots" Thielemans, Stevie Wonder
Trumpets: Quincy Jones, Cat Anderson, Tom Bahler, Bobby Bryant, Buddy Childers, Chuck Findley, John Frosk, Freddie Hubbard, Lloyd Michaels, Danny Moore, Joe Newman, Ernie Royal, Marvin Stamm, Dick Williams, Snooky Young
Trombones: Wayne Andre, Garnett Brown, Jimmy Cleveland, Al Grey, Dick Hixon, J.J. Johnson, Benny Powell, George Jeffers, Frank Rosolino, Alan Ralph, Tony Studd, Kai Winding
Saxophones & Flutes: Pepper Adams, Danny Banks, Peter Christlieb, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Joel Kaye, Hubert Laws, Jerome Richardson, Sahib Shihab, Clifford Solomon, Phil Woods
Violins/Violas/Cellos: Seymour Baran, Harry Lookofsky, Kermit Moore, Alan Shulman, Lucien Schinit
Vocalists: Quincy Jones, Don Elliot, Bruce Fisher, Joe Greene, Jim Gilstrap, Hilda Harris, Marilyn Jackson, George Johnson, Louis Johnson, Al Jarreau, Jesse Kirkland, Barbara Massey, Myrna Matthews, Minnie Ripperton, Valerie Simpson, Maeretha Stewart, Stairsteps, Carolyn Willis, Leon Ware, Bill Withers

Introducing The Wattsline: Charles May, Sherwood Sledge, David Pridgen, Rodney Armstrong, Mortonette Jenkins

Engineers: Bruce Swedien, Phil Ramone, Phil Schier, Rudy Van Gelder, Chuck Trammell, Peter Chaiken

A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood, Calif.
Record Plant, Los Angeles, Calif.
Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, Calif.
A&R Studios, New York
Van Gelder Recording Studios, Englewood, New Jersey
Burbank Studios, Burbank, Calif.
Sunwest Recording Studios, Hollywood, Calif.
Kendun Recorders, Burbank Calif.

Mastering at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Calif. by Wally Traugott

Art Direction: Roland Young
Album Design: Chuck Beeson

Cover and Session Photos: Randy Wommet Alpert
Photos of Awards: Jim McCrary
Back Cover and Inner Sleeve Cover of Quincy: Chuck Beeson

Capt. Bacardi

Mike Blakesley

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Am I dreaming or was I HEARD THAT!! originally released as a standalone album? The song list from 8-16 is kind of a best-of from previous A&M albums....was this title always configured that way?

Captain Bacardi

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It was always a 2-LP set. However, the original intent of this album was to feature a monumental suite tracing the evolution of black music (if you are to believe the All Music Guide), but since Q needed more time to work on that project this was released instead. So the first LP was pretty much new material and the 2nd LP was basically a "Best Of" kind of thing. There's a lot of editing on some of the older tracks, such as "Gula Matari" and "Walking In Space".

Capt. Bacardi

Mike Blakesley

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Yeah, I think the original album version of "Gula Matari" is over 12 minutes long. There's an even shorter version on one of the Q "best of" packages.


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Easily predictable collection of the obvious hits, on Side 3 & 4... The "newer stuff" on Sides 1 & 2 isn't much better...

--In fact, it all sounds alike... "I Heard That!", "Things Could Be Worse For Me", "What Good Is A Song?" and "You Have To Do It Yourself" all seem like myopic, monotonous, carbon-copies of one-another...!

Best to wait for "the CD age" for better samplers, if not, reissues of "the real thing", as in original LP's...

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