🎵 AOTW AOTW: Various Artists - NO WAVE (SP-4738)

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Various Artists

A&M SP-4738



Take Me I'm Yours - U.K. Squeeze 3:47
Roxanne - The Police 3:04
Got the Time - Joe Jackson 2:51
Don't Care - Klark Kent 2:07
I'm Alive - The Secret 2:14
Bring on the Nubiles - The Stranglers 2:15


Strong in Reason - U.K. Squeeze 4:13
Sunday Papers - Joe Jackson 4:19
Give it Back - The Dickies 1:41
Next to You - The Police 2:50
Nice 'n Sleazy - The Stranglers 3:12
You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla) - The Dickies 1:51


Mr Bill

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One of my favorite collections from A&M's early forays into "Punk" and "New Wave." And a good preview of one of IRS Records' initial albums (the Klark Kent track which was released on A&M UK before the launch of IRS in the US of A).... Not a bad track in the bunch and served as my intro to Squeeze, The Dickies, The Police, Joe Jackson and The Stranglers.

Initial pressings played on the "colored vinyl" gimmick of the day. Pressed on a light blue clear vinyl the label on the cover read: "Pressed in cool water colored vinyl." One day I'm going to have to add my collection of album cover stickers to the gallery here (90% A&M and IRS, of course).

This was followed a little less than a year later by Propaganda: No Wave II which, while not as good as this one, exposed listeners to some more new A&M Artists...

--Mr Bill
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