Bacharach's "I Say A Little Prayer" in SING 2

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The new animated movie Sing 2 includes a quite nice version of "I Say A Little Prayer" toward the end of the movie. The only irritating thing is, the arrangers have decided to 95% abandon the original melody and use the original chords, but about 37,000 additional notes in the vocals. Besides the opening line of each verse, the only part that sticks to the original melody line is the "Forever, forever" chorus part.

It's a nice version though, I have to admit I enjoy it. But it would have been just as good using the real melody which is perfectly fine.


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That's quite nice, actually! Much better than I was anticipating. Such an incredible song no matter who sings it. I'm definitely hearing all of the extra notes you mentioned in the second verse, though. Yikes.

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For evidence that an artist can just stick to the exact melody with no extra frills and produce a stunning recording, refer to Anne Murray’s version from the early 70s - beautiful!
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