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BBC Radio Celebration of Songwriters Season

Billy Rees

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There's a special show coming up on BBC Radio 2 for their Celebration of Songwriters season...

When Michael Ball Met Richard Carpenter

Sunday 21 November, 12-1pm.

For this one hour special, Michael chats to one of his all-time musical heroes, Richard Carpenter. Michael has selected his five favourite Carpenters recordings and will ask Richard the story behind them, from one recording artist to another. This promises to be an intimate chat as Michael shares his experiences of how The Carpenters’ songs have influenced his life and his own musical career, and delves into the finer details of these timeless tunes. And Michael’s dream comes true as he asks Richard to accompany him on piano as he sings the songs, guided by the writer himself.

Michael says: “The music of The Carpenters is like a lifelong friend: it has been a hug when I’ve needed to shed a tear or felt alone, it’s made me smile no matter what bad news is going in on the world, made me feel good about being alive and filled me with optimism, hope and inspiration. You are never alone when you have The Carpenters’ music playing. I cannot wait to chat to Richard and ask him what inspired the songs, where did the lyrics come from and what does it mean to him that his songwriting means so much to millions of people all over the world...myself being one of them.”

Billy Rees

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The season runs from Saturday 20 November to Sunday 12 December, launching with Adele At The BBC, looking back at her history with Radio 2. This is followed by a series of specials with Ed Sheeran, Cerys Matthews, Gary Barlow, Emeli Sandé, John Legend and Craig David and many more. The spotlight is very much on the talents of those who write the music that listeners love so much.

More info here: BBC Radio 2 announces a season celebrating songwriting


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As far as I'm aware it will only be available on the BBC Sounds Player here in the UK (unless it's broadcast at a later date on the BBC World Service station) but don't dispair! I will record it and share a link on here as soon as it's been broadcast.
Thanks, Billy! We really appreciate all your efforts!

Another Son

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“What a treat!!” as Richard would say. That was amazing!! Great to hear Richard talking about the intricacies of those marvellous songs, (and about Karen’s incredible vocal ability).

Probably the fact that Michael Ball is a fan gives the interview depth and underscores it with sincerity but he also gives Richard a lot of space to speak, which is great.

Hearing ‘Only Yesterday’, ‘Yesterday Once More’, ‘Top of the World’ and ‘Goodbye to Love’ all in a row reinforces all over again how brilliant Richard and John Bettis were together and how magical the whole thing became when Karen then joined them. Add songs like ‘I Need to Be In Love’ and ‘Eve’, etc., to the line-up and you’re in heaven.

I’m in Australia and was able to listen on the link that Chris posted but not the one that Billy posted. Thanks, Chris and Billy, for posting!!


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I live in San Francisco, CA, and I was able to listen to the BBC player rebroadcast. It was quite fantastic. Something different, and Richard seemed really to enjoy it. I grinned and laughed much of the way through. Another great prelude to the arrival of the book. Thank you Chris Mills for the link.


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Thanks so much for uploading!

What a fabulous interview and how lovely for Richard to be enjoying this wonderful renaissance! The long overdue praise just keeps on coming.


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Thanks so much for uploading this wonderful, wonderful interview, Billy! It was breath taking.

I wish that our Dear Beloved Karen was still here with us and for her just to know how much she and Richard are still loved to this very day from 1969 to this day all the love that is still felt for the Carpenters!

Thank you to all who still love them today from the bottom of my heart! I know I that I am just a small portion of the Big Carpenters Fan Base but Thank you everyone who has kept that love alive for the Carpenters and to all the newly found Carpenter fans since Karen's passing in 1983 ... Thank you!

Richard, Thank you, to you and Karen for the wonderful, fantastic, timeless music that you have given us! You are both so loved so very much!

Matthew Smith

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I could sit and listen to Richard talk about the Carpenters and just music in general for hours!!! I loved this interview. And what a dream come true it would be to be able to sit and sing while Richard plays! I admire the host for making the attempt and enjoying it, and Richard for his patience through that process. Spectacular!!


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Fantastic ! Another great interview !
Opening with Only Yesterday, Closing with Goodbye To Love....
and, all the great stuff in-between !


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It was a good interview, just cringey to hear the interviewer singing....
Agreed. Michael Ball is a respected musical theatre star here in the UK, and it was great that he was so enthusiastic about the Carpenters' music, but I could have done without the singing.


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I can tell he was a fan...no doubt....but it just seemed he was singing a bit off range....but then again if I had the chance to meet Richard and he said I could sing on some songs for fun.....would I do it??
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